My set up. Thinking about getting a 2nd one for fleet washing

I just started my pressure washing journey 5 months ago. My area where I live has lots of coal and trucking. I just landed a (13) 18-wheeler trucks wash each week. Also have possible contracts with a coal company cleaning trucks before they enter the road. I started off with house washes but I believe I could scale fleet washing and coal conoany. Anyone with tips in fleet washing would be greatly appreciated.

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Read the fleet washing thread. All you need to know is in that thread.

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Looks like a BCE rig……several guys on here have them, including me. Much success!


Looks like you dinged your tool box backing up. :frowning:

That was the day I bought it. It came with the ding but I thought was a fair price since I picked it up for 8k

About half off a new one! Great deal……

Thanks, yeah its 8 gpm. Im here jn kentucky also.

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Another Kentucky washer!

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