My Roof Pump Set Up

This is my setup Due to lack of space on my trailer.

[video=youtube_share;1WY_X78AoCk]Roof Pump set up - YouTube

Looks good. I was gonna ask about that kink in that tube but you covered that. I like it.

Quick observation here Alex, you will wish you hadn’t sold me that Kuri-Tek hose:) because that poly-braid won’t last. It’s a bear to use in cold temps.

Also you can put in a 3-way valve and eliminate one of the ball valves on your roof system. 1 valve to switch between flush & chem.

I like the way you set it up, very cool!

Kuri-tek is not near as slippery when you step on it on a roof. The poly is like walking on ice

Yea the difference between poly and kuri is pretty amazing. We started with poly on the cheap. Now we have 3 setups all with kuri. Sweet set up though. My favorite part of owning my business is setting up trailers and trucks.