My pressure cleaning website is generating leads and i dont know what to do with them

Ok everyone, my name is Sergio. I have been working at a SEOcompany for a long time and needless to say I picked up on a few things. I have been building sites and getting traffic to them from search engines pretty quickly and easily, one site in particular for pressure cleaning leads. I had a friend who was going to handle the jobs but the problem is he is not to reliable and we ended up not working together any more. I have not worked on the site at all for the past 3 months and it is still getting leads, its on page one spot one for the search phrase “coral springs pressure cleaning company” and many others that are similar to that one. I have many sites like these in different industries that are much bigger and better. If anyone would like to talk about possibly buying this website or working out a lead contract please contact me. My email is modernagemarketing at gmail dot com.

looking forward to hearing from someone!

If your name is Sergio why did you register as Robert Wilkins?

Is this spam. I can’t tell say the word Thad and I’m all over it hahaha

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looks like spam to me.