My new website by Anya @ Ambidextrous Services

This is my New Website Clean County Power Washing | Serving Long Island ? NY ? NJ ? PA ? CT let me know what you think.

Also a little plug I got this done from Anya @ Pressure Washing Resource Association Members Only! | Web Design Raleigh NC | National Award Winning Web Design With my PWRA membership I saved aprox $800 on this. She also has it setup where if you were to go to a Smart Phone, I-Pad or similar devices the website works the same(hitting a blank what you call this term)

I like to keep my business all the way around to involve Industry people and Anya’s company as well as her husbands Alex’s company are affiliated with the PWRA as well.

So check it out and give me your honest Opinion.

Thanks–John T.

P/S- this whole site is set up in wordpress and part of my package deal with Anya is my wife Kathy and myself get an hour conference call with Anya for her to teach us how to add and modify our site ourselves down the road for anything we want to add.

Anya is one smart Teckie:)

ANYA CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!! :slight_smile:

Looks Great John!

Hey, she’s too busy with mine. :slight_smile:

Of course it looks good. Anya did it. She did mine too. Couldnt be happier

She’s also has my Website branded on Facebook–But leave it to me to not pull the trigger yet on getting a Facebook account yet. Am I biting my nose to spite my face because I can’t stand Facebook? My wife just said I am… And she’s the boss… So it’s just a matter of time.

Just another form of advertisement. Get over it. Its for your company not your highschool friends.

Personally I despise yard signs. But if they are going to put money in my pocket, new shoes for my kids and whatever the hell it is that my wife spends my money on… I’ll do it

I “dislike” Facebook too so my wife is gonna do it for me. I started one a while back but gave up on it, and Jess lives her life on it. Anya setup FB pages also?

Anya’s sites are kickbutt!!!

Love love love mine and has brought so much $ in over the last 9 months.

I was dead (completley) until spring broke. When spring came around, I think that I made my money back in the first week

I promise I’ll call ya first thing tomorrow Guy! :wink:

Anya Curry
Ambidextrous Services

John, I’m glad the sites up and looking great. BTW, you’ve got a Facebook page ready, whether you’re ready or not!! We’d better schedule that hour soon so one of ya can get online! I promise it won’t be painful…

Anya Curry
Ambidextrous Services

Trey, you’re making $$ cuz you’re awesome. That’s got little to do with me! Keep up with them tan lines and you won’t go wrong.

Anya Curry
Ambidextrous Services

Anya is incredible! I can’t say enough good things about her. She knows what she is doing and knows how to do it well. I talked to her today about redoing some stuff on my site and she was extremely helpful and listened to what I wanted, but on the same token told me what was best for my business model. I probably get 75% of my business off my website, and even though I dominate my market already, I want to make sure I stay we’ll ahead of the curve.
Anya does exactly what my customers want from me. My customers want to see an end result and really don’t care about how I’m doing it, as long as they know that I KNOW what I am doing. I get paid to do the job right that they don’t or can’t do. That is what Anya does. I told her I wanted her to tell me what I needed and I KNOW SHE KNOWS what she is doing. I trust her. I don’t need or care to babysit her cause I know the job will be done right. Thanks again Anya for such a great and outstanding job your providing!

Hey John,

Your site looks fantastic !!!

Great job by Anya. Heard allot of good things about her.

WOW that is an awesome site John!

Amazing work Anya!

Wow very nice Anya.

I was recommended to call Anya because from what I was told she does excellent work. Then I checked out some of the sites she built and they looked pretty awesome. From there we signed to have Anya re-build our site with a fresh new one which is what your seeing here.

I highly recommend anyone who wants a good looking professional site that will bring in more income for you to hook up with Anya and see what she can offer to do for you. She has some decent package deals and along with our PWRA membership we saved a ton of money
as well.

Thanks for the compliments about our site. We are very happy with the outcome of it.

Looks good. But there is a misspelled word in the professional paragraph on the first page

She is doing a site for me. Very much looking forward to the final product. She is a very nice lady. Easy to work with.

Which word is it?