My introduction and a question


Hello fellow pressure washers,
My name is Jim and I’m the owner of a new company called Ultra Wash USA.

I’ve been a painting contractor who has been pressure washing to prep for paint for 30 years.

Recently due to illness I’m unable to paint much any more except small jobs like decks and fences and decided to pressure was full tIme and start the new business.

I’ve started collecting equipment to build a trailer setup. So far I have one 4200 psi 4 gph pressure washer and a 4000psi 4 gpm machine, a 275 tote buffer tank, a 50 gal chemical tank, 70psi 6 gal pump. 24 ft extendable wand, misc pvc piping and fittings. Hope to be puting it all together soon.

Today I had what I thought was going to be a great job washing a roof and a pool deck for $1100. But I made the mistake of getting roof mix on the cus tomes house and it discolored it.

I’m going have to do some repainting and have learned an expensive and valuable lesson.

I’m meeting my Sherwin wiliams rep there on Monday so he can have a look at it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me on this issue or on my upcoming trailer build.

I have been reading the forum extensivelyand do search.



Welcome to the forum. Good to hear from another painter. I do a ton of it. Hopefully you can match the paint and touch up. Looks like you got the right p.w equipment. Goodluck


Thanks paul


@JimDaly My advice is not always what others want to hear, but it is free. I quit doing roofs years ago due to burnt grass, same issues with siding as you have and not wanting to have a roof system on each truck. As soon as I would schedule a roof wash the truck that I was planning on using was out of state or elsewhere. I can’t say that I have noticed any loss revenue from passing on roofs, washing decks or anything that is tedious or dependent on the weather. There is way to much easy money to be made just spraying siding, at least for me. If you do continue to do roofs, keep everything(siding, vegetation, cars, old ladies and babies in strollers) constantly soaked with water.


I am also thinking about not doing roofs at least until I understand should and the detergents a bit better.

Thanks for answeing.


I hate roofs… the only real reason I have the 12v is for large stucco jobs. Even then I already don’t want to mix up any more detergent already this year and I have only done it twice.


Just ordered a safety harness setup today to make doing roofs a little safer. I’m in Boston and some of the roofs can be steep. I’m gonna try and do most fom the ground or ladder