My first roof coming up

Hey guys, so I’m doing my first roof in a week
or so. It’s for my sister. She bought a house recently and she asked me to clean the roof. It’s a ranch so it’s one level. The house is about 1,800sqft and the roof pitch is pretty low and it’s asphalt stings . There isn’t a ton of moss, barely any actually, just a lot of black streaks. I was planning on mixing up a 3-4% mix just not sure how many gallons of total mix to expect to go threw. How many gallons of mix do you think I will probably use 30? 50? Also I’m using cling-on how many oz per mix do you guys use what seems to be the sweet spot?

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Not sure about Cling-On, I use a different product. There’s good info in the thread above for sure, I’d probably batch mix about 40 gallons and expect to have some left over. Does the house have gutters?

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Yes they do