My first pressure washer experience, HELP?

A few years back I bought a walmart Brute pressure washer model 020291 2500 PSI with a B & S 190CC motor, so my father and I could clean his decks. Should have studied instructions in detail but didn’t, just jumped right in and suspected we had a problem with the Chemical Injection valve, but just didn’t know on what setting the chemicals were despenced. Took off the Chemical injection valve and yes lost the ball bearing. Replaced the ball bearing with a BB from a BB gun and it may have disolved as next season I ordered a new kit injection valve and cleaned out what looked like allot of commet (white crud). The instructions tell me to start the engine by hooking up the water, let some water run through then lock the trigger so that the handle can NOT be squeezed and if one pull results in a no start, I am to squeeze the trigger to let off the pressure, but I have found the best way to start it is to shove a rag in the handle so the trigger is in the squeezed postion, then make sure I NEVER let go of the trigger and close off the flow as it imediately kills the engine and I have to turn off the water, loosen the water hose to relieve pressure then I can pull the trigger again. I think when it last failed I blew a gasket on the pump, as I had accidently let go of the trigger, the motor shut off imediately and while I was turning my faucette off and trying to releave the pressure a burst of water and air flew out the front of the pump right where two sections are bolted together, like it blew a gasket. I gave up and here I am. All I know to do now is disassemble the pump and inspect it. I am a retired printing press repair tech/operator so I feel qualified to disassemble the pump. Any advice will be greatly apreciated.

Buy a new one.

I hate that I only got a few hours of use out of this thing. Is there a rebuild kit for the pump?

BUY Quality… 4035HG Belt Drive 4GPM 3500 PSI Gas Pressure Washer Pull Start from

No offense, but this is the average life out of these type of machines. The only way I have ever heard of these type machines having any life to them is using them at least once a month or more for short periods. Setting up for periods of time on these type of consumer light grade machines is the worst things for these.

Also, these types of machines are basically disposable machines. If anything goes wrong with them, it’s cheaper to buy a new one than repair them.

buy a professional one from Bob @ PT State

I would throw it away. I remember buying my first pressure washer and trying to fix the pump and I only made it worse. I ended up buying a commercial machine and it never gave me any problems, ever.