My first oxidation ouch

OK, house is only 3.5 yrs old. I didn’t check for oxidation, house was DS with 12.5 and elemonator. I didn’t notice anything unusual. I get a call following day that I must have left soap on the house. I went and checked it out sure enough oxidation issue. The first pic is after I was packed up didn’t think anything those spots were still wet.
I’d like to use something on a rag to fix it or is it better DS or use another application process. I see it costing me a few hours at least.

Looks almost as tho spray got in behind the siding the way it’s spotted at places the trim overlaps

I’m wondering if I should wash that side again. I used M5 twist never have I had issues.

I agree. I would try washing it again before taking it to the next step. Next step is either Gutter Grenade and a brush or there was that post talking about that product from EacoChem that you just spray on and rinse off. No scrubbing needed.

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I took some degreaser and a micro fiber on one spot seemed to work ok. Think ill wash again and see where I’m at.

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It’s fine. Let it dry for 4 or 5 days before you do anything. Most if not all will be gone. If not don’t use a degreaser or try to remove oxidation yet. Clean it again. Wet, soap with a extremely small amount of SH and a dash of soap, dwell for a few minutes and rinse like hell. Wait 4 or 5 days to dry. One question though is it just that wall?


Yes that and another 16 foot section that faces the same way. Rest of the house looks good
Thanks I’ll give that a try

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Getting it wet and waiting another 4 or 5 days isn’t going to help. Definitely removed oxidation. Degreaser and brush time.

I did something similar last week and I was able to fix it with just a brush no chemicals. I just took my brush and I went very, very lightly over all of the panels. Didn’t remove all the oxidation because I didn’t want that side to be a different color than the rest of the house. Going over it very lightly with the brush blended it in very nicely.


I see that all the time. not an oxidation problem. Can wipe off with damp towel, or just wait for a good blowing rain and it’ll probably be gone. It’s just where the water kind of leaked down and was probably slightly dirty, either from a seam or a weep hole. It’s usually more of a problem with bigger volume machines because they throw so much water. Doing a final light mist rinse before you roll up will help in the future. That particular color especially bad for showing. If you want to take care of immediately just rewash with weak mix and rinse lightly. It’s kind of unusual to have so many at higher levels, typically the majority will be lower because more water hitting, people tend to rinse more there.
With the m5ds, make sure you widen your spray as much as possible as you come down the house. Typically I’ll just use the full nozzle to rinse facia board and then cut down a little for even the soffitt and by the time I’m a few rows down have spread even further. But I always carry a rage and as I’m going around pulling tape will just wipe any spots I see that are bad, just a quick swipe does it. But the final light rinse will usually take care of.


Racer when you say weak mix, maybe cut it in half?

I don’t know what you started with, but basically what you would use on a house that wasn’t really dirty, so maybe cut it a 1/3 or 1/2.

Hi, I was called by your customer to look at this house and give my opinion on what I felt the issue was! I can’t believe it! I could tell you the exact address of this home. Small world haha. I lightly rubbed the right-side of the home and found a slight bit of oxidation, but it shouldn’t have reacted this strongly so I would do like others are saying and give it another application and rinse. On the other side of the house was dead mildew (turned white) that wasn’t totally rinsed off. This is definitely a small world moment! Best of luck and let me know if you need any help.


I show people the weep holes before I leave and explain that water could run out of the weep holes or from underneath siding and dry with a bit of dirt in it. It’s normal. I say the next hard rain is a finishing touch for a house wash. I’ve been called back to two houses over the last two years with weepers…I just lightly misted the house and they disappeared.

As @Racer said if you just must the side of house with a wide fan after it starts drying it will help eliminate weepers. Be careful not to wipe oxidation off the house on final walk around (that happened to me when I first started)…wipe very gently with a soft microfiber cloth on oxidation sides.


When you went back did it look better than in his pics? I’ve had similar problems and it went away after several dry days.

It was better for sure, still noticeable.

Hey @Racer, when you say pulling tape, your talking about covered outlets and the like? thx.

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UPDATE, just returned, did two light washes on all the vinyl, cut my HW in half. Think I gave it plenty of fan spray rinsing. Customer will inspect it, I think later tonight. The dry picks are from today after it sat a week before washing.

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It look pretty good before you started. I had a hard time seeing any streaks. I’m telling you, when this happens it takes days to dry. It will look even better now after you washed it again. Just give it a few dry days and it will be perfect. Then never do this house again because it’s going to do it every time you wash it to some degree.

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Tell them that you will be back out in 1 week to inspect. If the weather is warm you should be ok

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