My first job is complete.... what a mess

Your right man, its been a long three days. Physically and mentally. Definitely more mentally… I had the same feelings when I first started my window cleaning business years and years ago. It tests you in the beginning and makes you want to quit… which is why owning a business isnt for everyone. But if you fight threw it, it always works out and I know that at the end of the summer I will have some posts that say how well I did and how awesome this is, but in this moment I need a double on the rocks.

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best way to do that?

I have yet to check mine but I hear you should put 1 gallon of water maybe a bit of surfactant in a bucket, stick you injector in that bucket. Start to fill buckets of water until your 1 gallon is gone. Count how many 5gal buckets you filled. If you filled 2-5gal buckets then your ratio is 10:1? Someone correct me if I’m wrong, like I said I have yet to do this.

Edit: you would subtract one gallon from your total because that will include the mix gallon. So if you fill 10gal your ratio would be 9:1

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Point of xjet isn’t to apply too strong of a mix…it’s to give you better accuracy of the mix your putting on so you can relieve your doubts.

I also use arm and hammer with oxi in it…actually used it this week before I could get to my local supplier to get some surfactant they make (power solve). Arm and hammer does not degrade the bleach…maybe over time if it’s in your roof mix for a few days. The arm and hammer with oxi has worked amazing for me, I actually like it better then elemanator and simple cherry. That is not your problem…your injector ratio is your problem.

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What injector are you using, post a picture

If you’re using straight SH and can’t get a house clean, my guess is you may be up around the 20:1 range…

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That’s not your injector…that is the filter on the end of your injector hose


Here it is 20180502_211511|375x500here it is

Hey man sounds similar to my first experience. Now house washing is a breeze!

Can I ask how much hose you are running? It sounds like your house wash mix is not even applying like it should. I ran 150’ of hose and my down stream injector only worked up to 50’ of hose. Also I think mixing with arm and hammer oxi clean is wack should try elemonator if you can get it in Canada.

I got an xjet when I first started, I grew to hate it a lot because you loose poportioners so you try to make a new mix using whatever poportioners you have left. Then eventually you can use no poportioners but it sucks up that 5 gal bucket so fast that you are refilling it every time you start a new side lol.

Down streaming is the way to go, if you got a 4gpm go buy an adams injector select the 2-3 gallon per minute injector and you’ll be set big dawg peace

Sources: experience


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I also dont call it a waiver or contract, those words scare people a little. I just call it our customer agreement. And at the bottom of every estimate form its just says " by using our services you agree to our customer agreement". And i send the form with the estimate. You also need to take good before picture of any pre-existing damage they may have, cracks, seams, lights, ect. Need to learn what to tape up and seal. What will turn colors if comes in contact with SH, what plants are hardier then others and wont wilt. Theres a lot to know and its just comes with time, im still new at this as well.

As for the gutters: We spray them with the mix and get the green off, that included. But gutter whitening is extra, as its a pita. Soffits, fascia board, and eaves are also cleaned and scrubbed (via brush). Most of the time in our house wash goes towards getting dirt daubers nest down, it takes more time to do that the spraying the house.
Be upfront with your customers and let them know what they are getting, and whats extra. I think we all start off trying to be “nice” and do all this extra stuff included or free. But “niceness” does pay the bills.


I love the x-jet when the time comes to use it, but it’s no substitute for learning to properly downstream and in this case could’ve saved a lot of headache.

You can check your injector ratio with a quart of water. Don’t need an entire gallon.

See Tim’s reply to the original post.

You don’t need to use 50 gallons of water and 5 gallons of mix. It’s a bigger sample size, but for our purposes it’s overkill. Use a pitcher for “soap” and a 5 gallon bucket to fill. It’ll take you less than a minute to figure out what your ratio is with the formula.


I have a 150 feet of hose right now. It definetly feels like that’s the problem… I will get to the bottom of this. I attached a picture of my chem injector

Hi can’t quite tell from the picture but if the pump is on the right in the picture the injector is backwards

Here is a picture of my setup from a distance

You may want to put quick connect on your DS injector, so you can take it off when it fails. I would also take the pressure gauge off as well. Dont really need it on there all the time and it cause’s a lot of stress and weight hanging off your unloader.


Get rid of the adjustable injector and the pressure gauge. Get a 2-3 gpm injector, make sure there are no kinks in your pressure hose, pull all the hose off the reel when using it. Get some good surfactant


ok from that picture the injector is in the correct direction, someone else might chime in but could that pressure gauge be putting to much back pressure on the injector??? , maybe put it on the other side of the injector???

Here’s your solution. I’d suggest buying a proportioning injector from dultmeier. It’s like an x-jet but for downstreaming.

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