My downstream Injector wont pull! HELP!

Hey guys! just want to say thank you all for posting on here…ive been reading daily for a couple of months now. Im a Paramedic/Firefighter full time and have had my pressure washing business for almost a year now!! (noob) i need help! So i bought this 4000 Psi 3.5 GPM dewalt washer about 3 months ago. I bought a downstream injector for it but it doesnt seem to be pulling, what am i doing wrong?!

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You have it installed backwards. The arrows should point in the direction of water flow. Also, you have 2 injectors mounted simultaneously…


Ok how do i remove the one that came with the machine?

You should be able to unscrew it from the pump. If not take the nipple off, and plug it. The. Just swap the male and female couplers on your injector.

Or, what will make you happier in the future so you’re not running all your couplers backwards is change the female on the machine to a male.

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Thank you sir!!

You’ll also need to remove the orifice plug inside the stock injector if you have to keep it on there.