My Degreaser recipe,

I couldn’t find a recipe for degreaser anywhere on the internet. To advance the KEC industry and help my fellow man here is my recipe. WARNING; XXX EXTREMELY CAUSTIC; Will eat your flesh and grease too. I have worked for many company’s and this recipe is the best.

Per 55 Gal Batch,

25 lbs, Sodium hydroxide
5 Gal 2-Butoxyethanol, ie Glycol Ether EB,
2.5 Gal Rhodafac RA 600.
47.5 Gal H20

I use Nexeo solutions as my vendor, and is priced as followed.
Sodium hydroxide, .89 per lb (50 lbs bags, 40 bags per pallet)
Glycol Ether, 415 lbs per drum, ($1.18 per lb $489.7)
Rhodafac RA 600, 460 lbs per drum, ($5.80 per lb. $2668)

No typo, Rhodafac RA 600 is $2668 per drum, it is a Detergent hydrotrope in liquid alkaline metal cleaners. A Must have, I have mixed chemical without, its a night and day difference.

Mixed solution cost $3.49 per gallon,

2.5 Gallon Pressurized Water Extinguisher are ideal for chemical, and can shoot 30 ft. I fill until 25lbs, (extinguisher + chemical weight) @ ~100psi. No more hand pumps.

I had custom hoses made with adjustable tip to limit chemical spray when needed.


Hi. This is some intresting info. Do you have any pics of your process by any chance. I do a lot of restaurants (window cleaning and pressurewashing) and have been thinking of expanding to hood cleaning.

Hood cleaning is not something you can just jump into without any experience, its much harder to clean a hood then you think. If you don’t clean it correctly, the grease you missed builds up and becomes that much harder to clean. Then the built up grease lights and you have a fire.

I would suggest you find some guy with veteran KEC experience (harder then it sounds), and have him show you the ropes.

Hey. Thanks for the response @Carl_Nesseler. I wasn’t planning on just “jumping” into it. But it does interest me. Do you clean Hoods? Any advice? or are you just a naysayer?

I do clean hoods, its my full time gig.

Its all about customer relationships, your hoping to clean their hood for many years. Reoccurring businesses is the best business.

If you clean a dirty hood, take your time, scrape every inch! Scrape the; fan bowl, fan blades, entire stack all the way down, above the filters, the filter tracks, etc. The Chemical is your best friend, it eats away a small layer every time. Apply chemical, rinse and repeat until cleaned. Get on top of the cooking equipment, stick your head behind the filters and inspect, if its not cleaned repeat.

If you can stay ahead of the build up, and rinse light grease, life gets SOOOOO easy! Its much quicker, you get high quality results and happy customers.

Job Necessitates!
Your going to need a pressure washer lance that bends 90 degrees. I built my own, but you can buy one,

Your going to need a razor scraper ~2 inch that has an extendable poll along with many razor blades. you will also need hand razor scrapers.

Plastic! 2mm is about what you can get away with, all you need is 8.7 ft wide. 10 and 12 ft come in handy once in awhile.

So, I know pretty much nothing about KEC, but it always looks and sounds nightmarish…am I missing something?

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Its not that much of a nightmare, if you don’t mind being head to toe in grease, while being soaking wet.

Yeah…so sound’s pretty gnarly. You’re definitely doing a good job at scaring away competition.:slight_smile:

If you don’t mind, about what are you pulling in hourly ($) for this kind of work?

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Its between $125 and $225 an hour, gross. I have a lot of expenses, insurance alone is 1000 bucks a week.

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:scream: How many restaurants have you burned down?!? Lol. Seems like legalized extortion…

Does that figure include your workman’s comp as well? That would make a little more sense, I guess.


No fires or claims, I would hate to see what my premiums would be if I ever had to use it.

When you work with fire, insurance is outrageous! Yes the 1000 bucks a week does include workman’s comp as well as; 5 mil General liability care custody & control with business interruption plus a catastrophe legal expenses clause, commercial property insurance, commercial vehicle, and a small stipend for health insurance for my employees. Most of the big guys want lots of insurance, but big accounts pay much better than small mom and pops.

But its better to be safe than sorry, I don’t have millions of dollars laying around to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

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I guess the repeat business is where it really pays off, right? What is your average interval?

This is set by NFPA 96;
Wood fire or solid fuel cooking are every month.
High volume cooking 24 hours are every 3 months.
Moderate volume cooking are every 6 months.
Churches, senior homes, camps, seasonal cooking places are every year.

Reoccurring businesses is the best business.

I have a question about the EB. Does it stay in suspension or does it constantly need stiring?

My organic chemistry is rusty;

According to Wikipedia; Most glycol ethers are water-soluble.

According to DOW, Butyl CELLOSOLVE Solvent (their Butoxyethanol) is mostly soluble in water, but is temperature dependent.This dependency is unique as solubility increases with decreasing temperatures.

According to DOW’s Graph provided;

The quantity of butyl used in this recipe will disassociate.

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I cannot stress enough how potent this recipe is, It feels like a white hot ember on your skin.

If you do decide to make your own batch I would recommend;

Mixing in a well ventilated area.
Full face shield or at the very least anti fog goggles.
Chemical resistant gloves,
Ty-vex sleeves,
Long sleeves and pants, closed shoes.

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Awesome recipe i’m definitely gonna use it thank you.

Pressure Washing Tampa

I would only use this for kitchen exhaust cleaning, its formulated to destroy grease. it will also remove paint, including car paint.

Ive only been able to find Rhodafac RA 600 in 55 gal drums. A 55 gal dum of Rhodafac RA 600 makes 1210 gal’s mixed. That is quite a bit of chemical, only someone who does KEC full-time would need this.