My buddy Curt is amazing

He runs a WC / PW business in Arizona.

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“YouTube” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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He raises the bar for professionalism and customer service for sure!

That a cool commercial.

Best commercial I seen yet in this Industry.

For sure…

This guy is doing things never before seen in our industry. Its really refreshing to see…

I wish there was some opportunity for me to learn more from him…

That is top notch. Very well done…I LOL’d at the “streaking” part

Great job! Very professional.

Curt’s ideas about professionalism and taking a service business to a whole 'nother level are amazing. I can’t wait for NOLA 2013!

I like it, good work Curt!!

Anyone ever see the dollar shave club video?

Nice Video


That is the best part Curt loves business and blessing the lives of others with what he has learned so much that he created a website to share it with the world: Customer Service Factory

Here is another video that shows just how much 5 Star Window Care loves their customers, and strive to exceed their every expectation.

You really meet so few people who have the ability to go anywhere in life. Curt is one of those type people. It’s nice to have met him and see how far he goes with his life. Real Interesting person who appears to have it all figured out with the right pleasant attitude. I hope he’s attending NOLA once again:cool:

He will be there and will be speaking again John…

John are you making it down again?

You betcha!!Already paid it in advance a few months ago because you guys do such a nice job the show books ups up like nothing I been to yet all these years going to these Industry events;)