Mulch stains

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I did search this topic prior to posting. I have a client with mulch stains after putting new mulch out, along with the rain. Do y’all use nmd 80? And if not what do you use, or have had success with? Vinegar?


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I had a house I did recently with mulch stains, no telling how old the stains were. But I put sh on them, slowly increasing the strength until I got to straight 10.5% and it didn’t budge. That’s why I posted this. Maybe that was just stuck, or something else.

Google “mulch stain ingredients” to try and get some insights into what you’re fighting. Might be worth tracking down where the mulch came from and finding out for certain.

The dyes used in coloring wood mulch are primarily of two types: carbon-based dyes and iron oxide based dyes. Iron oxide, the most commonly used dye, is simply a compound of iron and oxygen… There are some carbon-based dyes used on mulch. These carbon-based colorants are similar to those used in ink and cosmetics.

So if it is an iron oxide based stain you might be better off trying a rust remover… but I would be careful until you know for sure what you’re dealing with.


Bleach won’t touch them. Least not black mulch stains we have here. Tell them they don’t come off. If you want to experiment try liquid barkeepers friend

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