Mud Dog Trailers

Good evening friends ! I am new to the scene and looking to purchase a new trailer. I see a lot of folks saying to build vs. buy is it that much cheaper ? Is anyone running a Mud Dog currently any feedback on this brand or any others would be greatly appreciated. I plan on doing homes, trucks, and concrete

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Mud dog is made by a local to me company, in NC called ICE. Anything you buy will be overpriced, shoddy and poorly serviced imo. MVP Setvices is slowly taking their market.

The Mud Dog trailers are the best around,I have been buying from them for over 10 years.Great chemicals and equipment.Call Wayne or Ian they can build anything you want.

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Thanks for the info I am learning a lot from this however I want to buy a turn key package I dont veliev the soft wash comes on the mud dog. Is the soft was only the 12v setup or is there a way to soft wash with the pressure washer ?

Soft washing with a pressure washer is cheaper, more efficient, and more practical than a 12v soft wash system. When the market turned south on reclaim, vendors brought out the souped up pump sprayers that folks started spraying bleach with 50 years ago to clean. They have a place in roof cleaning, and some stucco, but that’s about it.

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Innocent bystander. I am sorry you feel this way about our products. We build over 200 trailer units a year and have a very satisfied customers. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss 9107596222.

Please call me to discuss a demonstration of our trailer units. Would love to show you why our trailer units are the best on the market. 9107596222 Patrick

My opinions are my own, based on the products of yours that I have seen and the interaction with your staff on 3 occasions when I stopped by your Wilmington location. Good luck with your endeavors. The point of this forum is to give opinions and advice. I gave mine.

Cleaner you are correct ICE is great! Have purchased from them over the years. As usual innocent has nothing nice to say. The good thing is his opinion means squat in the real world. He’s just a keyboard warrior. Also I’m surprised he has time to post during the day would think he would be downstreaming that 400-500 gallons of mix.

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IBS is a valued member here. I don’t always agree with him but I always ppreciate his opinion. Like all of us he can’t be right 100% of the time. Thanks to him and everyone else that contributes to this incredible community.


I looked at Mud Dog Trailers also. I felt like they were way over priced for what they’ made of. I was able to build my own with electric reels for a good bit less. Everyone has a particular vendor they like dealing with. Just because someone doesn’t care for a particular company doesn’t make them wrong and it’s kinda narrow minded to think so. William contributes a lot to this forum. The comments and advice he gives doesn’t always apply to how I do things but that doesn’t make him wrong it just means we do things different. That’s what wrong with this country everyone thinks their opinion is the only one that counts


Lol. Welcome back

It’s kinda funny when these people claim you have no effect on anything… yet make multiple accounts to cry about you and try to start trouble.


It’s alright. Tim provides humor when he is on this account. He’s harmless.

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I built my first (and only so far) trailer and would not have done it any other way.

I got to learn exactly how everything goes together, try different layouts, etc.

Not sure I would ever pay someone a premium for a pre-built trailer as now I have the knowledge and instead of paying someone else extra$ I could use that money for upgrades or additional items for the trailer.

Just a quick search on the Mud Dog Trailers - paying online retail for each component it is around $10K for everything (8 GPM machine). They sell for $12K. So a $2K markup to have someone else put it together for you. For some folks, that is a value while for others not so much. I am not sure a 525 gallon water tank is needed (but they do set up the 8 GMP for 2 guns, but with my trailer having a 275, if the feed pressure is good and I’m on the gun non-stop, rarely do I run into issues and only once or twice per year do I have to bring my own water). I personally would prefer a tote style tank as I can put lettering on the side of the totes for marketing, kinda hard with a round tank. I am also putting the drop gate back on the end of my trailer for lettering. Other than that, it is fairly common stuff many of us use, Pressure Pro skid, tanks are whatever, Summit Reels (not the best but not the worst), 100 ft of hose is borderline - that would work for 50% of my jobs but the other 50% need another 50 to 100 ft of hose and sometimes more. Looks to be a decent build basic build.

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I want to thank everyone for there comments I appreciate you breaking down what it would cost to build one from scratch. I will fall in the category of paying a premium to get a turn key trailer. I do agree that I will need to add more hoses and possibly some accessories. I guess I still need to do some research on downstreaming vs. 12volt softwashing. There is still a lot more to learn before I pull the trigger but I think I have decided that Mud Dog is the correct trailer for me.

You will not be disappointed with a mud dog trailer,the service they provide is worth the extra money you pay for there trailers.

If you give me a call or want to do some labor for learning I will be glad to teach you how to softwash downstreaming.Use 12 volt for roofs.Downstream for normal house washing.

I would be stoked to give free labor for knowledge shoot me a message !

I have a Mud puppy trailer. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but it has performed really well.