Moving/Lifting Heavy Machinery

How do you handle lifting/moving heavy machines (8gpm HW skid, etc.)?

I’ll need to get a heavy skid off my F250 and store it for a couple of weeks in my garage ,until my trailer is ready, and then lift it onto the trailer. I don’t want to injure myself and even with my adult son helping me I’m concerned about the weight.

What tips, tricks, techniques, equipment, methods, etc. do you use? Any video links are welcome.

I used a chain and come along, or find a friend with tractor and forks

Call a tow truck.

This is why I’m hesitant to get a 5.5/3500 with my enclosed trailer. My 4/4 weighs 80# and isn’t fun rolling down my ramps.

Engine hoist


I just manhandled my 8@3500 skid. Not gonna lie though, I had my girl out there on the other side of it helping lol she was really just moral support and someone to drive me to a chiropractor if I threw my back out.

I’d go with the engine hoist. Very safe that way. If not, a come along and some cardboard can get it done.


I purchased an engine hoist with load leveler for about $350 from northern tool last week to get my 8gpm hot Hydrotek Skid from one trailer to the other and it worked perfectly.

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Well I have access to tractor with front end loader on our farm. See if a neighbor around you has a tractor with a front end loader.

Great idea and I would if I lived on a farm. I live in the middle of a city so not too many tractors around here.

If you’re in a city, and don’t want to buy an engine hoist, make friends with a landscape company that might have a skid steer of mini excavator. Throw them some cash.

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Easiest cheapest is a chain hoist, attatch to a garage beam. They can be had sometimes for free. Also search for Cherry picker.

You could repay them with a free wash on there skid steer or tractor. Just trade it out for the work.