Mounting pressure washer to utility trailer

Hey guys, I’ve been lurking here for a while soaking up as much info as I can. I’ve recently bought a Simpson power washer. 4gpm, 4000 psi, and I’m wanting to mount it to my utility trailer in such a way that I can easily unmount it and take it off if I need to. How do you guys have your set ups mounted? Any suggestions for me a newbie.

Is it on a cart?

Yes it is. Sorry I should have mentioned that.

Ran e tracks …here a pick of my old trailer
Then tie the machine down. around 60$

I used two u-bolts on mine, just above the vibration dampers. I was going to put a hook/eye-bolt over the axle area, but it wouldn’t move at all with the u-bolts.

O ya idk what there called but at the tractor supply near me they always have this weird rubber mat for killing vibrations and it looked pritty scucume to me. Think it was somthin for hourse drawn buggy fiddlin but dont quote me on that.

4 3/8 bolts down threw the mounting plate and the rubber dampeners, threw the trailer and a big fender washer on the bottom with a locking nut

Turn the handle end towards side rail and rachet strap it near the base to the side rail. Carried one like that for ages, didn’t budge.


Thank you! I’ll give that a try!

This is what it looks like, it’s also less likely to grow legs. I think it looks a bit more professional than straps, but straps would for sure do the job.

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This is definitely what I’m aiming for eventually, but right now I need something I can remove without too much hassle if I need to. Thanks for the pic, I appreciate the help.

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*skookum :slight_smile: Ave is hysterical.


@Dans_Pressure is that weird rubber mat is for horse stalls? It’s super hard.

I havent the slightest clue but I rember it feeling like sorta like those super fancy playground soft ground material but honestly unless your in a pinch its not worth it ether way.

It’s for cattle that do dishes


Lol. Yeah that stuff is tough. Hard to cut too.

You might get some crazy looks but a skill saw should decapitate that right quick

I’m a surgeon with a jigsaw ummm the circular saw not so much unless I have a 7-1/4" blade mounted on a 4" angle grinder

I’ve found an old reciprocating blade with the teeth ground off like a knife cuts rubber excellent. Like for cutting up old tires for disposing of them. Should cut through that real easy and not ruin your saw blade.