Mounting pressure washer and reels

I own a Chevy Silverado 1500 I do not own a trailer yet. I am wanting to mount my 2 reels to my truck… how would I go about doing that?! What all do I need to order to mount my pressure washer and reels properly. I was looking at the skid mount linked below for the pressure washer but was unsure how to mount the reels. Do they make something special for mounting reels or could I just purchase 2 of these one for my pressure washer and one for my reel? Sorry for rookie question glad to hear any feedback thanks.

Pressure washer skid mount link

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I dont know about mounting the reels but I know that many on her advise against aluminum skids due to the vibrations cracking them over time

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Ok great thank you! I will see if I can maybe find a stainless one somewhere and see where that takes me! I guess it makes sense want to keep vibrations down to keep pump from messing up.

Search the forum for “truck build”. You’ll see some good examples. Most weld up some supports or hire a welder to do so. Think about how you pull up to most houses. If in the road I would want the reels mounted on the passenger side so I could grab the end of the hose and walk straight towards the house. If you pull up in the road and they’re mounted in the back you might not be able to pull it straight out if there are other cars parked in the road. That would also make it difficult when reeling it up.


Marinegrunt nailed it but another option for part-timers or those just starting out is to mount reels and PWer to a pallet that lays in the Pu bed. It’s not as efficient as mounting the reels on the truck bed side but it’s quicker to assemble and easier to take out if needed. If you do the search MG suggested you’ll see several examples. :+1:


Here’s what I did for my GMC. I haven’t finished the machine mount yet so it is still on the cart. I ripped a 2x4 to fit in the stake holder, welded a tab to the reel rack and attached with screws to both frame and truck.


I like that tank where did you pick those up at?

Northern Tool. The 100gal is a Snyder ($290 ish) and the other is their standard 26gal. I have two of those to mount. One has a 5 gpm electric pump that will feed the red hose reel for roof/other mixes that require stronger mix than my down stream will pull. The other will replace the 5gallon Lowes bucket that I use for my downstream mix.


I like it! Looks like it’s going to work out great. As far as the skid goes. I just took the wheels of the pressure washer and used 1/4" angle iron to make brackets. Wala! A skid! Yes, it is aluminum. I’ll upgrade if it wears out.

I built one and bolted it down. I just have to finish painting the wood. I’ll eventually get an aluminum skid made but right now this will have to do, already spent to much at once for my setup.


Eh, getting set up with the proper equipment is like tearing off a bandaid. As in, everyone has their preference on whether to go slow or quick, but I don’t think anyone’s figured out how to make it hurt less :rofl:

I am a fan of buy once, cry once, though. That includes the investment of time into building something just good enough to get by.

That said, I certainly won’t fault anyone for building slowly and with minimal debt during these uncertain times.

Good work, btw :+1:t2: Sorry for my musings…


I give that 4 days.

Lol. It will last the season at least.
Hes starting out give the man a chance


I know you are looking to mount to your SIlverado which is the same truck I have. I didn’t want to give up my truck bed cause I do other things too and need to load lumber and other items. I decided on a trailer and from watching youtube videos of truck/trailer builds I decided to enlist the help of my retired neighbor who has various welding equipment. I’m not quite done with the setup due to the covid nightmare but here are some pics of where i’m at. Good luck with you build.


When those quick connects start to jam up which will be sooner than later, get stainless. You don’t need the expensive stainless either.

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What length bed is your truck?

The shorter bed…75" ( more or less)

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Why 4 days? Already had been two weeks and my setup works for me. I’m thinking about a softwash setup but there is no rush.

Wood is not the best method of mounting something as heavy as a reel with hose on it. Up and down side to side action while driving will one day rip those screws out. It could even hit an IBS over the head :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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