Mounting a drum on a trailer?

So we’re rebuilding what was our old Powerline trailer that folded up a while back…

(we’ve been humping the skid around in a pickup on rare occasion that we needed hot water). Mounting everything up on this super nice heavy-duty trailer with dual axles and brakes that some guy in NC built (@Innocentbystander).

So as with any good project, it has snowballed from “hey, let’s just remount that 200gal tank and the 5.5 hot skid onto the trailer” to:

  • hey, it looks like we can fit one of these 100gal slimline tanks on either side of that to have 400 gallons of water
  • hey, if we slide that skid over to one side rail we can fit this old 25gal batch mix tank beside it
  • hey, if we move that batch tank to the front we can fit one of these old belt drive 5.5s beside it
  • hey, if we move the batch tank out to the tongue a-frame this old pickup toolbox will fit perfectly!
  • hey, since we have 400 gallons anyway let’s get one of these broken down 8gpm machines working instead and swap out that 2nd 5.5
  • hey, we’re going to need to carry more SH now, let’s put this old 50gal tank on
  • finally, the horizontal tank doesn’t leave room for all the reels we’ll need for 2 PWs, let’s use one of the 55gal barrels instead

So the question becomes… anyone got a good idea to mount one of these things on the tail end of a trailer (2x6 decking)? I was noodling and Googling last night, and so far this is my best idea… I figure to get a pair of these, ditch all the wheels, set one down on the boards and flip the other on top of the barrel. Then I figure run 4’ allthread from the top ring, through the bottom ring and through the deck boards. That would leave full access to the 2 stock bungs in the top as well for fill/draw to the 12v pump

  1. Any body have better ideas/plans for securing one?
  2. With it sitting on the tail end of the trailer, I’d assume the majority of the forces on that filled barrel would be front/back rather than side-to-side? I was only going to use 2 allthread most likely…we could stick 3 or 4 if we really had to I guess.

Have your local fab guy whip up a half circle out of some 1/4" flat stock. Drill a hole in either end. Weld or bolt that to the rub rail on the trailer. Slip drum in and use a good strap. Easy peasy.

Why am I relatively sure the cost of that would far exceed the $100-110 this setup would run me? and still be using a strap… :rofl:

I don’t know about that specific model of barrel dolly, but quite a few of them are quite flimsy and I wouldn’t trust them if you slammed on brakes.

I use this when transporting drums, it keeps them still. It is kinda heavy. If using the ratcheting 2" straps just realize you can over torque a plastic drum. 1" wouldn’t be rated for a full drum.

I drive 35 miles one way to get my SH, then drive through a minor city, hit the highway, then drive up curvy mountain rough roads. No issues.

Flat stock is dirt cheap. Probably only need three foot of it and a quick touch of the torch in order to shape it. I wouldn’t figure it would cost much more than one of those wheeled things and my experience with those is about like @Dirtyboy’s. They’re pretty flimsy. Could probably even whip up a U bracket out of some angle iron but then you’d need welds and that’s going to cost more. Flat stock you just need bent and a few holes drilled in. Hobo Freight sells 3333 pound rated straps for about $20.

mockuup 2 of those rolling things but no wheels. one on bottom that you can bolt to floor, one for in top with 2-3 ttabs to run all thread to the floor, bolt it in. if you could also bolt top bracket to a support would be great too like a side rail. that’s kinda how I’ve seen some vertical hot water coils mounted.

This is basically what I was saying. Just holes for a strap instead of all thread and a nut. I get that these are for metal drums but close enough to what I was picturing.

That was exactly what I was planning on doing with them… take off the wheels and run 2-3 allthread through the floor