Motorcycle Engine powering pump?


How stupid of an idea is it to attempt to build a unit powered by a motorcycle engine? I’ve got a 2002 Honda VFR800 that was stolen, wrecked, and then recovered by the police and given back to me. It is still in the bike right now, but how dumb would it be to install a pully system on it to power a pump? It puts out about 100 horsepower and is stupid reliable. I’d have to figure out a better cooling system for it, but it shouldn’t be too hard.


By the time you worked using the clutch, reduction gearing, cooling system, reconfiguring a panel etc. for ignition, exhaust system…Sell the motor and buy something else.


I feel like you’d need a HUGE pulley to turn the pump at 1600 RPM, but i bet it could be done. My vote is yes. But only because I love mess like this.



But only if you don’t already have another machine that makes you money.

If you do have another machine that makes you money, Frankenstein that monkey.


It all depends on what your end goal is. If it is to have fun and craft something that you get satisfaction from, then do it. If your goal is to get into business for yourself as a pressure wash contractor then this is a hard path to get there on.


I can tell ya’ll live up north because everyone has “winter” projects. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be fun and interesting just expensive and time consuming.


nope. Los Angeles which is currently on fire


Not you, the guys that are replying… Sucks you lost your bike. I used to ride down around San Diego, Camp Pendleton etc. back in the day.


Steve has a lot better command of the English language than I do. That’s what I was trying to say with the meandering mess above.


I actually live in the south but I’m in a rural area and I have to build things myself or I might never get anything done. The closest pressure washer repair place to me is 1 1/2 hours away.


Fine, just Rowdy then…:roll_eyes:


Motorcycle engine doesn’t make good power at lower rpm (unless its a v-twin deal) 500 cc might get ya 25 hp but you will have to spin it 4000+ rpm…and motorcycle engine dont have a integrated air/cool system so you will have to build shrouds and figure out how to spin a fan…or use a water cooled motor…radiator/hoses/electric fans…yes, i work on motorcycles from time to time…and from what i can see i dont think i could put something together that would even come close to the 22hp honda twin on my rig…although i did think it would be cool to use the spare motor for my streetbike…98 honda blackbird 1100cc and 165hp @11750 rpm :slight_smile: