Motor/belt driven surface machines vs. Water driven surface machines

Motor/belt driven surface machine vs. Typical water driven.
Why hasn’t the everyday Powerwashing concrete cleaning jumped into the 21st century yet? Water driven surface machines are the norm. You buy a 24" surface machine it will run you aprox in the $600 range with some brands being more expensive and other brands maybe a few bucks cheaper.

Why don’t we see belt driven surface machines of all different sizes being used? I now have 2 belt driven surface machines that clean much faster then the 6 water driven ones by far.

Both of these machines are setup to handle extremely hard concrete such as parking garages where 1 pass or 2 at most the surface is cleaned.

For residential because the tips are angled into the surface being cleaned and the bar is belt driven to the same direction there most likely to cause zebra striping as well as the water driven machines do.

A milder approach would be to build a surface machine where the tips are pointed straight down so the cleaning would be more even. Since these bars are spinning at a fast pace with more force being added in because where not talking spinning away from the surface being cleaned like what today’s surface machines are basically doing, the bars should most likely be made with the angle needed for the cleaning with residential ones having tips point straight down to cause very little zebra striping. Since these are much more powerful type surface machines you can do most commercial type cleaning with these bars as well. Garage cleaning you want the most impacting force you can use to clean at a much faster pace.

Knowing that these type of machines clean 2 to 3 times faster and sometimes 4x if not more then why aren’t they produced to the mass market here?

If someone doesn’t start producing these soon then this may be the one time I consider heading towards the manufacturing end by designing some prototypes that aren’t to expensive if they were massed produced. Wishful thinking…possibly… But when you think about it and you clean alot of concrete it makes you think that the water driven surface machine should go the way of the push blade lawnmower.


Hi John, I have been looking online and have not been able to find much for surface cleaners with belt or motor driven bars. Any info would help. I would even consider converting my 48 inch deck if I could find appropriate swivels.

Why don’t you post a video of these machines in action?

Anyway…it sounds more commercially oriented as most guys like me would not be interested as transport would be a problem…and it would just be an overall headache that most don’t need.

And, water works well enough for me and what I do.

Water has been working for us as well but since the belt/motor units can clean better, I would definitely like more info.

Similar to this i suppose

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On second thought, this isn’t belt driven either, so, idkwtf the op is taking about, and it’s old post that is in other pw sites

That’s a crazy contraption, I bet that is the world’s biggest pain in the butt to use! I bet they want close to 2.5k for that thing since its state of the art