Most deceptive advertising on the entire internet. ROOF-a-cide

I recently found a website that employs the most dishonest and deceptive lies to berate professionals like us here that use sh to clean roofs.
Apparently, if you don’t use the best method then lie about every other method besides your own to make your product look better to those
that wouldn’t know otherwise (customers)
This $36k franchise opportunity uses fungicide and admits that it takes 3-4 months and several rains to show results but will stay clean 2+ yrs if you use their proprietary copper (probably copper sulphate) solution. Which they want to sell you every two years.
Now every roof I EVER cleaned with sh stAyed clean at least two years but they lie and say sh cleaned roofs have to be recleaned every 6-12 months. Really? Come on! Liar. He also lies about how much chlorine is typically used to clean a roof and claims irreparable damage is done by sh.

This is a total rip to anybody that would buy this franchise or hire this company. It’s all based on lies!
See links below. Grab a bucket because the dishonesty is sickening.

Roof-A-Cide®: Environmentally Safe Roof Cleaning & Stain Prevention for Shingle, Concrete & Clay Tile, or Stone-Coated Metal Roofs: 800-806-6727

Roof-A-Cide® Official Blog: Professional Roof Cleaning & Stain Prevention: 800-806-6727: Comparison of the Most Common Roof Cleaning / Treatment Methods

It is probally nothing more than a pool algaecide they spray on the roof after they clean it.


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Is that Mel Everett’s roof company? Roof-A-Cide was big talk on the net around 15yrs ago. I think they use to sell franchises back then and were pretty Successful at it. Kind of reminds me of what AC Locklear(can’t spell) does today.

Never met either one and have been in this business less than 6 months but I know a crook when I see one! I had AC nailed down before I ever bought my equipment

I had a customer tell me there was a company selling a citrus based cleaning it took 6-8 months to work and they had to come back every 6 months to re treat, I got my phone out and showed him before and after pictures and told him I could have those results in 6-8 minutes. I got the job

In a society of, “I want it now” I wouldn’t worry about that company. I know if I paid someone for a job and one, two or three months later, I looked at my roof and it still wasn’t clean, I’d be a little mad. I also found that if a customer hasn’t already had a bad experience with a company, then badmouthing them might have the opposite effect. Educate don’t berate! Also I don’t get ranting about a company then posting all their info and links.

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The crazy thing about roof cleaning is that guys can sell to their customers how the rain will help clean their roofs. In my case we have a pretty decent hi clientele such as Carol Alt Carol Alt Official Web Site ? and people like this want what they hire us for to get what they want cleaned right then and there.
I know in some cases I need to educate my clients but in my business model we go in, clean what our customers want and then we get out. Roof washing needs to be done then and there by my guys so we never go back. Customer satisfaction is on the top of my list always.

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That is not Mels company and he would not like being mentioned in the same breath with it. In florida we deal with that company from time to time they are not going away anytime soon.

Who is this company and aren’t they based out of fL?

Mels company is not affiliated with the company the posts are referring to (roof a cide). That company is based out of florida around mels area and Im sure he has had to deal with them before. They are less than 2 hours from my work area I have only bid against them a few times. The other company is most likely (renew) they are the only company I am aware of that pushes citrus based cleaning (delimolene) The Melbourne area franchisee used to sub my company out for flat work. Havent spoke with the owner in over 10 years don’t even know if they are still around.

Ok-- if Mel comes across this post tell him I apologized. I kind of remember this roof-a-cide stuff around 15+yrs ago and it got to the point they were selling even in my area. I never had an opinion on it one way or another except to think how Successful the owner of this stuff was. I thought Mel was the brains behind this but apparently I thought wrong. He probably posted way back when about this stuff which I may have crossed it up.

As for this Roof-A-Cide stuff even to this day I can’t say how it works or have anything negative to say about it.

The pool algaecide comment had me laughing. We were at a home show today and I asked a pool chemical company if they can get chlorine. On his shelf set up was a algaecide mind you. The guy looks me straight in the face and says we don’t sell chlorine because “our customers” are trying to get away from it. I looked at my wife and then him again and asked the question again thinking he didn’t understand it…LOL. Yup the same answer. Needless to say I had my laugh of the day.

No that’s not Mel’s. They tried to get him to use it years ago but they were way over priced.

Just saw these other posts lol. I see him daily… I’ll tell him you think his product sucks! Lololol

Or you could get a life.

I don’t know that his product sucks. what he says about Chlorine and people that employ it and the way they employ it is what is deceptive and dishonest. I don’t care if people want to lie about how great their own product is but you know if they have to lie about what other people do that just don’t look good at all.


I was saying it sucks as a joke because the guy they thought started the company is a personal friend of mine. I never used it but I do know it’s way overpriced which is why I’ll never give it a shot… It’s kinda like some of the rust removers that a lot of guys on here use. I can get stuff that will pull any type of rust stain no matter what it is for $12 a gallon. So why would I try something much more expensive?

@Mizzle What rust remover are you using? I’d really like to try it out.

I get it locally I’ll PM you a picture of the label when I get a fresh bottle. The ones I have now are water damaged