Most beautiful deck ever

This might be the most beautiful looking deck I’ve ever washed. Such rich colors.


Absolutely gorgeous work sir! You washed 100 years off that thing. Luckiest customer of the industry lives there & they know it. Mad props dude!

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Great job! Mahogany? What was your method?

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That is amazing!

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It’s tiger wood (no, not the golfer, lol)

Sodium Metasilicate 8 oz per gallon
Dwell time 10+ minutes
Oxalic rinse


Dang man, interesting that metasilicate can do that. Did you have to wear a respirator for the oxalic? Did you have to medium fan tip rinse?

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I have started wearing one more and more. My first boss died about a year ago from heart issues. He was in his 50’s. And they think it potentially was due to him not wearing PPE ever. At a minimum it contributed to it.

One time I used the ox and the fumes were like nothing before and I was coughing and hacking the rest of the day. I remember thinking “This was what Brock was talking about.” lol.

I like what @DisplacedTexan said a couple weeks ago that there’s a difference between occasional exposure and occupational exposure. We’re all the second one and I need to do a better job of protecting myself.

So I actually broke out my pressure gauge today for the first time in years. I’m not even sure it was accurate. But if it’s accurate, then I’ve been using way less pressure than I thought I was.

I use a 40 degree tip and I usually cover the whole board when washing the floor.


What was your pressure?

1500 psi

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Nice, that’s about what I use as well.

This reminds me I need to buy more sodium metasilicate. It works wonders.


How did you rinse with oxalic?

Probably should’ve said:

Two different steps. Apply oxalic. Then rinse it off.