Moss treatment during rainy season

Hey guys, I live in Victoria BC Canada and we have had 10 or so days of on and off rain.
My question to you guys that actually get constant rain is what do you do if you run into this situation and you have customers wanting a moss reat meant done on their roof!?!?!? Would you apply a hotter roof mix than regular so it dilutes a little once it is applied to the soaking wet roof or do you just hold out for a few sunny days in a row? I have a real estate agent wanting to list this house but they don’t want to until the roof has been treated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This forum is priceless for me you guys all ROCK!!!

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No body has anything for this topic?

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The roof should be somewhat dry when you apply it. And if it has moss on it, then always spray it at least 2 times, about an hour in between. You dont need to make the mix hotter

I agree, don’t make the mix hotter although it doesn’t affect to much it is better to be sure.

Wait for a sunny day or at least a day that will allow the mix to dry eventually. Don’t try to do it in the rain. You’ll just be back later doing it again.