Moss....strong roof mix?

I was going to go with a strong roof mix, let it dwell, then hit it with the surface cleaner… first time attacking moss like this…so to the customer…as like the roof…do I tell them the moss will fall off with rain fall…an to everyone have a Happy Memorial day weekend!!!

Is this on the roof?
If on the the roof i would do a 50/50 roof mix and leave it. You might want to hit it twice to make sure the moss is dead which means it will turn white.

I have pictures but can’t figure out how to do it on the phone

Na it’s not on the roof…

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50/50 SH mix with a little bit of caustic added to the mix, Leave it for 2 days and than come back with the surface cleaner. Once clean re spray with the 50/50 mix to stop re growth.

Hope that helps

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Got you…thanks for responding…came out great and they loved it…

Looks great! Not sure i would have used the SH mix. I would have power washed and then spray with mix like Troy said. Point being to keep your cost down for more profit. Just a thought. Good job man

Jonathan Zarzour
Xtreme Cleanz
Birmingham Alabama

Ok…I’m hearing you…yeah just starting out…learning an always willing to…thank you

Beautiful results. I am new to this and have a question:

Is there a danger of your wash killing the grass adjacent to the walk, or is there a way to prevent that?


Absolutely, you have to keep everything watered down. I have burnt several plants and grass

Xtreme Cleanz
Birmingham Alabama