More touches or more houses

Hey guys, I want your opinion on my Eddm marketing campaign I plan on doing after the winter. I have enough money for 10,000 eddm flyers. Here are my options

  1. send to 1,000 people 10x two times a month for 5 months

  2. send to 2,000 people 5x 1 time a month

  3. send to 3,000 people 3x 1 time a month

  4. print 5,000 house washing flyers and 5,000 roof cleaning and send to 1,000 people 10 times 2 times a month beginning of month send house washing end of month send roof cleaning.

What do you think would be my best bet. I know more touches is key but is 1,000 people to low of a number?

Best way is to print 13 variations of flyers in 13 groups with each group being 29% larger than the previous one. Send mailers out 3/4 weeks per month to 574 houses each time for 33.6 weeks.

Don’t bother trying to do the math on that, I made it up. Following this thread though, as I’d like to know too. Lol

IDK the metrics on touches required/recommended, but I would probably not send the same mailer more than 2x if it were me. I’d at least juggle the contents around. Just keep the branding simple and consistent. The “pros” have hard & fast rules for color schemes, fonts, etc. I’m not sure, but I think it’s no more that 3 colors and 2 fonts per piece (not incl. sizing and bold, etc.). There’s also a bit of science behind what day you mail them, to hit on a preferred day of the week (which I believe is Thursday or Friday).

We generally go for the wider reach, but we do bulk EDDM every other month, and do client targeted mailings the months in between. With the lack of a large list, you could do EDDM maybe 3 or 4 months straight, or alternate every 2 weeks to your east on the 1st week, and west on the 3rd week…that may help you keep your work routes better grouped.

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