Monster reclaim roots blower

saw this guys pressure washing/jetting vac rig at the gas station the other day and we started chatting while pumping gas…it was a county rig but still was interesting enough for me to snap a pic of the roots blower…it was HUGE the damn thing was about the size of a small snapper riding mower.
He said it was so powerful he could use just the vac and make a 6x6x6 hole in the ground in less than a minute…and I thought I was pretty good with a shopvac…lol…Just a little reclaim porn for the afternoon.

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For when you want to move your pond from the east side of your home to the west side


Also called a “daylight” system. It’s so they can unearth underground utilities without damaging them. Pretty neat machines!

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It was a very neat rig…looked like someone crossed a MRAP a elephant and a pressure washing reclaim system…the guy that ran it was super nice he even offered to fill my water tanks on my trailer for me😁