Mold on vinyl "dog houses" on a high roof


I have a brick home but the windows (doghouses) on the second floor are made of vinyl and get no sun. The porch is eight foot deep, the mulch bed is another 5 foot deep and I am working from the sidewalk right past the mulch bed. I hope that makes sense?

I tried to get the soap/water up that far but its just not working. When I put the non-soap tip on the gun it just leaves streaks in the mold and seems to be hard on the underside of the vinyl.

I hear alot about the x jet or the laddersaver. Are these options that would acomplish what I am trying to do? Are there other options? I need to get the cleaning agent on the vinyl and then rinse wihtout tearing up the vinyl.

I have a Troy Bilt Proline/3700 PSI 4 GPM/Honda 13hp. The hose drops into a 5 gallon bucket to disperse cleaning agent. Is this considered downstreaming?

Anyhelp on how to clean the widows/vinyl be greatly appreciated

What’s your house wash consist of? SH is needed for the mold.

You should try a direct application. Sometimes down streaming may not give you the desired cleaning strength.

A nice housewash mix and some dwell time will do. Also your temp outside effects how good it will work. If you dont want to wait spray your housewash on the Dormers and then get your gutter brush and wipe it down then rinse. But if you can reach it spray dwell,repeat then rinse.

What are you using for tips? If you are using the ones that came with the pressure washer they won’t work for what you want to do. You need to get a jbar with the right tips for down streaming. You should have no problem reaching the area with the right setup.

It sounds as if you’re using the “upstream” injector that comes installed on most of the smaller pressure washers. This injects the cleaning solution through the pump - whereas a “downstream” injector introduces the solution after the pump. Downstreaming is safer for your pump, since most of the cleaning agents we use are not good to run through your pump.

Also, like previously mentioned, the tips that came with the pressure washer are of little value for cleaning a house safely. You’ll want a set of softwashing tips best suited for your machine. The guys at can get you the tips you need. In addition, you’ll need a downstream injector.

Then you’ll also need the correct cleaning solution. You can do a search on this forum to find out what works and what doesn’t. Most solutions found at the big box stores don’t work.

Where are you located in SC?

You need this nozzle #40 size and this quick connect [url=]Male coupler

This will allow you to deliver soap two stories high using the down stream injector on the machine. The black tip you already have will suffice for the lower areas.

Your solution should be 2 gallons 12% Sodium Hypochlorite, 2 gallons water and a splash of your favorite dish soap or other Quality House Wash Soap.

Thanks for the replies! I tried to upload a pic of the washer and house with no luck, even though the size of pics were within website specs.

Below is a link to Lowes with the image of my washer. Isnt it a “downstream” one? The water connects to the bottom of the pump. The gun at the top and the clear line with filter on the barb. If its not a downstream, what kind of injector would you recommend? Are those Xjets downstream injectors?

Yes, I am using the tips that came with it. Cant get the cleaning solution to the windows in order to “dwell”. That is why I put the high pressure rinse nozzle on there, and that just caused streaks in the mold/was hard on the vinyl.

What is SH in regards to cleaning the mold?

Im in Elgin SC

Never knew thee was so much to pressure washing. Definately a learning curve!

ttp:// (u got to add the h in front of ttp)

Yes, it is a down stream injector. My previous post and links show what you need and where to buy to down-stream soap to second story.

Thanks for the info/help. Will the 12% Sodium Hypochlorite cause harm to gutters/paint?

Only if applied direct. Down streamed it is fine.

OK. I purchased the tips that were recommended. However, I am having a hard time finding 12% Sodium Hypochlorite here in Columbia SC. All the pool supply stores I have called do not carry it. Is there a reason they don’t carry it? Anybody know how to get some in SC?

Due to regulatory laws, pool supply stores in SC don’t carry SH, only powdered stuff, which you should avoid at all cost. Be careful with 12.5% sodium hypochlorite. Used correctly it poses little risk. However, it can be very dangerous if mixed with other cleaners, even in trace amounts.

Look for a company called MOTA in Lexington, they should have some fresh SH.