Modified injector?


why does the injector pull more soap when you remove the spring and replace it with a washer that holds the ball in place??

What tips to order help

Less back pressure to hold the spring back. Same concept as Bob’s injector from pressuretek


I was hoping you would chime in William Bob stoped selling them so I have to figure out how to make them. I have the little washers he uses and the epoxy, but I cant figure out how to get the washer to stay in place, I was going to post it up before I bothered him again LOL see if I could get answere any advice??


Put the barb in a vice, use a punch and tap the star washer in the center lightly. It will cave in at “set”.


my man thank you sir !!


How many washers you got? Bob paid for his half of a cabin rental with injectors a while back and I’m about out:)


I got bunch send me your adress and I will mail you some


Did you send me one like this? I just installed it a week ago and it sucks waaaaay faster


Andrew, I send so much stuff that I can’t remember. On the flip side, people send me a lot of cool stuff lol.


Haha I have cool things for you here. I keep meaning to google your adress since I forgot it


It’s to be expected that Santa gets a bit grumpy when he’s bored and out of mince pies.

But who knew he did pressure washing in the off season?!


There you go. I’ve never had a mince pie. Now on my to do list


Same. Someone in New York sent me this a couple years ago and embarrassingly I’m not sure who.

You’ve sent me a bunch of stuff. All of it gets used every day.

@marinegrunt wins the award for best stuff though. Sent me a box of welding/fab stuff.

I try to pay it forward with diapers and strong coffee for the new (again) dads, books, jrods with nozzles (@csteez did you get yours?), and Nalgene bottles of Elemonator.

Speaking of, this book is headed to @MDA1775 as soon as I find time to finish it.

If I could send Arthur Bryant’s BBQ through the mail I’d never send anything else though. Lol

@Innocentbystander what size star washers do you know? If not, I’ll probably just get a bunch and try it out by exhuming a dead one from the injector graveyard bucket.


Dang, now I have to go take apart an injector and see if I can find a star washer to try this. Any idea what it increases your ratio to? Thanks for the idea.


Its a lot that all I know it makes a huge difference especailly for 8-10 gpm machines.

William I just got back from mailing them, I am having a heck of time trying to seat them little suckers though


Do you have a punch set?


It’s not just knowing the size, it’s the compound that they are sprayed with that makes them ideal. They don’t rust or corrode. Bob spent a long time experimenting to come up with a design that worked. @housewasher I’ll video setting them when I get them


sweet !!


I have not but I’m sure it’s coming in shortly & thank you for doing that, when you said I’ll send you some I thought you had several extra. I didn’t know you meant you would order them for me.

& I’m a reader as well but I like self help, philosophy or business type books.

That authors name makes me think of Dostoevsky which is a great Russian author.


Where does the eyeliner rank?