Mobile home membrane roof

Hey guys need a little help on this one. Going to quote a double wide mobile home membrane roof I guess TPO. I have a soft wash system with metering valve. I did a little research but I want to make sure I get it right without doing any damage whatsoever. What I’m thinking is a little bit of surfactant what about a 1% sh spray on roof let well for a little bit without letting dry and rent very very well. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you guys. Just went up and looked at it. Don’t know if it’s a matter of just shooting it and rinsing or possibly brushing not sure I’ll attach a photo.


I think your procedure sounds good. Idk if you’re able to walk on those roofs to brush it but put some 1% and let it dwell and rinse

Yes thank you for the advice and no not going to walk on roof. Going to shoot from gutter and if brush is needed in certain spots could use extension with brush.As far as run off in downspouts onto grass i don’t think it should be to concerning with 1% as long as i rinse well at spouts?

You should be fine. Wet and soak everything down

Yes sir.Thank you

I used a house wash mix on last one and it came out fine. The dirtier they are the hotter you will need. That is not dirty at all. Your plan is on point

I just did a membrane roof cleaning, 1% and dwell worked good. I used a little stringer mix for some of the really bad spots.

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Beautiful guys thanks for the great tips as usual! I feel pretty damn confident at this point LOL