MJET Injection Hose Length Limit?

I have an MJET for 2000-3000 psi and want to use it on my dewalt 4200 psi unit. I put the 10-1 proportioner for a 4gpm and it seems to work well. I haven’t tried it with real chems yet. I also want to extend the 15 ft injection hose. Would a 50 ft extension work? Thanks!

Others have luck with up to 50 feet.

I dont have an x-jet but plan on getting one. Others have had success using 50+ feet so it should not be a problem.
Is there a reason that you are not down streaming though? you wouldn’t have to move any buckets

The downstream on my Dewalt 4gpm from home Depot stopped working. It seems others in here have had that same problem. Also some O rings busted and home Depot told me to stop using bleach.

Kindly disregard home depot advice.Do get a hold of Bob at pressure tek
or Russ at south side equipment and order some general pump 3-5 gpm
high draw injectors.Suggest fixed, not variable. I would order a few!

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Welcome aboard. Ease off on the advice giving until you have introduced yourself and we get to know you. Your advice isn’t really accurate but you responded to a 3 year old post, so no harm I guess.


There is no need to discontinue using an injector until it quiets working. A hi draw doesn’t pull twice as much as another injector if the same size. The mix will not be half as strong if it did pull twice as much, it would be closer tip the opposite of that. Thanks for asking for clarification. Pull up a chair, do some research. If you have a certain area of expertise, feel free to share info on that.