Mixing SH and Degreaser


Before I ask I will like to say that I did use the search function and I did try and find the answer.
I’ll be washing a house tomorrow that was near a fire (the owners are worried about possible soot even though there’s none visible). So I was thinking regular SH mix (I just DS straight 10% and elemonator, usually hiting the wall from .8-1%) and adding a small amount (12oz per 5 gallons of mix - I’m planning on making seperate mix in a 5 gallon bucket since I’m only going to use it on this one house) of degreaser (I’m out of EBC so I was just going to use ZEP degreaser).

After reading a bit it seems like it is perfectly safe to mix the degreaser with SH and DS, but I just wanted to double check everything. Siding is painted hardie plank.


Wash it with SH and see how it turns out,

Anything visible then go back and DS ebc

But yes you can mix them


OO Hardi plank… I take back what I said…

Run!!! Jk. Well I do but there are some people here that do them


haha thanks! unfortunately lots of houses in my area use hardie. Fortunately i’ve washed a fair share with regular mix and no issues those far. But ok, yeah I’ll just wash with regular mix first. Thanks again


Alkaline (high pH stuff like caustic soda, potassium hydroxide, sodium metasilicate) can be mixed with SH without a problem.

Do not mix ACID and SH.


My house wash batch contains about a half gallon of degreaser in a 35 gallon batch. Never had any issues and really helps on the rear of homes around bbq pits.


Just make sure you don’t wash homes that have painted siding or vinyl. Degreaser will take the shine/wax/luster whatever you want to call it, from those surfaces. Old schoolers used to use TSP or degreaser in their mix if it was for a pre paint so it would de gloss the paint.


Very good to know I’m assuming this occurs due to no clear\protective coat to protect the painted surface?