Mix for this?

Hi guys, what mix would you use for this?
Im thinking of 2G SH + 2G Water + 8oz ebc?

DS won’t touch it. You need to use surface clean it. You could pre/post treat with something stronger.

I am using my SC 18” 5.5GMP I just want to know a good mix with a surfactant

The stronger the easier it will come off. You could go straight sh if your are ds. It won’t hurt the concrete. I don’t use surfactants when I pre/post treat.

What about the PSI it’s a commercial plaza site… I’m runing 4000PSI

I tip my surface cleaners up to where I’m running around 2500 PSI. I have extra tips should I need to go higher but with the right chems I haven’t had to

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I only use my 4k psi machine on concrete. As long as its not new, painted or stained you’ll be fine. There are stories on here of guys doing everything right and the concrete comes out miscolored or damaged from a bad pour. There is nothing you can do about that but it’s not very likely.

The bad outcomes are usually a result of too much pressure on new concrete. New creamed concrete is relatively soft.