Missing Freshwash

Got back to the garage yesterday and my brand new lemon scent Freshwash was missing. Can’t believe it fell off the trailer I had only used 1 quart out of a 5 gallon pail. I’d probably fire the guy that tied off the trailer but it was me… I hate it when I do stupid $hit.

My 1 quart review is that it works good and has excellent masking of sh.

Oh, that sucks so bad.
Sorry to hear it.

That bites. Order extra in case you ever need it…like now.
This year we lost a fender off of my red trailer never to be found. I lost four 5 gallons containers of chlorine from the pallet in my truck that caused a traffic jam(I didn’t know about this until I got to the job site) and a few years ago we lost a 12’ step ladder off of the top of the trailer which once again caused a traffic jam on the expressway(thank God no one got hurt on these).

I’d be lost now without extra Fresh wash like I am if we run out of chlorine.

Somewhere, there is a road that leads to somewhere, that now smells lemony fresh. Think how much you helped the environment…

Unless he had the flower scent, then it smells like somebody ran over Grandma.

Can we still get free samples of this stuff somewhere??

true but he said it was the lemon scent

Yes it was the lemon scent. I keep looking for soap bubbles on the side of the road.

Aww that stinks…im still need to get some…UGG

Ugh that stinks…it’s going to be smelling nice the next rain fall…and plenty sudsy too

Lemon scent is a pretty good smell. I hate flower smelling scents.