Miracle Chemical?

A friend sent me this video.
I have used SH/Oxalic on most weathered wood projects. I definitely don’t get these kinds of results. Not instantly like in the video anyways.

Is anyone aware of a chemical that is capable of this? Or am victim to some really good video editing?


Just looks like he’s applying a hot SH mix

Video quality sucks.

I have a couple of pieces of old fence from an install I did a couple of weeks ago. I have not tried a “hot” sh mix as in my testing, anything over 2-3% results in increased levels of furring (I do not desire that). The speed at which the color of the wood changed would indicate a very strong SH %. For grins I will try to replicate this and see what the end result is and report back.

Check out his next video - house washing with a pink solution, Makes me think no SH in it otherwise it would bleach out the pink color. What is he using there?

Lol on the fence. I guess it would make a good market video for fence cleaning but never that strong on a customers fence. I bet it kill the grass too.

Doesn’t apple wash turn your mix pink. I know pat clark was using that for breast cancer awareness month but didnt see him use it.

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A very hot mix was my first thought, but the speed of the color shift really threw me off. I assumed it had to be extremely caustic for that fast of a reaction and would probably damage the fence and anything around it. Admittedly I’ve never tested a super hot mix before due to the “common sense” risks.

All he is doing is applying a 50/50 mix with a 12v system.

That wood is going to be completely furred…

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Apple wash is the pink stuff

:thinking::thinking: i wonder if that blue voodoo stuff makes your mix blue

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How does it retain color with SH? Any mix I use, the second I put SH in it it turns clear or yellowish…

It’s designed for using with the proportioner.

The color shift looked impressive, but I thought it was probably going to be caustic and cause damage. A small part of me was probably hoping for a miracle chemical, but if it’s too good to be true it usually is. Thank you all

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Straight SH

I like how hes useing a cheap surface cleaner in one video and then in another video hes talking about how bad surface cleaners are on concrete and he soft washes concrete because surface cleaners take off the “sand”

that’s a lot of SH for a Driveway.

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That is straight SH. The company I used to sub for doing fence staining used to have contractors practice this for fences before staining.

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Wow that video went completely viral. Some of those comments lol

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Can’t you get the exact same effect as apple wash with regular food coloring we did that experiment in grade school. You take food color and water then a couple drops of sh and Abra cadabra. Clear water.

So I had a piece of old fence from a replacement job I did recently. I also had about a 5% SH mix in a pump up sprayer. All I did was spray on the mix and the color changed just like the video. I did not pre-wet, did not clean or rinse. I am surprised at the complete lack of furring, just “clean” wood. All I did was fan mist it, not soaking it. Makes me question all the wood cleaning testing and techniques I have done and use.


I wouldn’t question wood cleaning tactics, only from my experience which is only a couple of years. Cleaning wood with bleach as opposed to sodium precarb with a brightner is night and day . The bleach just grays up and looks all dry, the precarb is almost yellowish and gives off a more natural color. That video shows me that there is always more faster cheeper way but quality suffers.

I did a similar experiment. It worked, but the gray came back within a few days. So in my preliminary results, it wasn’t really commercially viable as anything a customer would want.

If you want to play with a new chemical, check out glycolic acid. It’s like ox, but it has a smaller molecule so it penetrates better. It is commonly used in makeup, but it works on wood too. I have it in my R&D department.