Minimum $$$ Estimate

Do any of you put a minimum dollar amount on your estimates or jobs?

Is there a certain dollar amount you will not go under no matter what size job is at hand?

And if you do, what is the minimum amount?

Curious on opinions with this…


$250 is our minimum. I have at least 2 guys going to every job so anything less then that is not worth it.

Our minimum is $250 too, sometimes we will do stuff for $200 if its close by and small… I am seriously considering raising our Minimum to $495 for a one time service… Recurring work can be done for less, but if it is just one service it is hardly worth even putting them on the schedule for a couple hundred bucks…

Im thinking $225-$250 tops.

I know a guy who has a $300 minimum, but I feel that’s a little too high for some of the houses and surface work I do.

I have a $250.00 minimum. And a heart. I am happy to waive the minimum for a widow lady. Or a vet. Or any other sob story that touches my heart.

We have washed shed walls for $49.00 before. Because we wanted to. Not because we had to.

Minimums are a good thing.

Am I charging too little? My Min is $125.00. That would be for like a 1200 sq ft house and less.

$150 for me here in the south!

We have a $400.00 minimum. But… We go out and look at EVERY job that we get calls for that are within our service area and scope of work. Upsells are the norm, so our average ticket is a good bit higher than that. We’re glad to make exceptions for certain needs and situations. Meeting and getting to know our future customers is one of the coolest parts of this job. :slight_smile:

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$225-$275 depends on my mood, but I only use minimums to discourage and try to expand small jobs, not to bill high for small jobs. If a person with a 2000 sqft home wants only a 10x10 patio done it would be $275, but for $375, we’ll splash and dash the house and do the patio free, get it?

I look at it the same way you do John.

I had someone interested in a Patio and Driveway only the other day and quoted $125.00 for 675 sq feet. I explained my min and sold them on a Housewash and Flatwork job for $250.00

I feel that you can not afford to chase $50 and $60 jobs, unless of course you are at a location and a neighbor comes out and wants a $75 flatwork job, then I have no problem pulling the hose on over and doing it.

Exactly! Take time to get to meet them, see what their needs seem to be first. Explain your minimum (if you decide to stick with it) and why you’re services are worth it. Then build services into the quote that make it a good value for them and let them decide

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$ 450.00 for line painting
$ 650.00 for power sweeping
$ 400.00 for power washing

If I feel like its worth it I may wave these, or if I know I can up sell later on or pick up some recurring work. Otherwise I have to look at the job, quote then do the work and then invoice and wait for payment. Any less money is not worth it for me or my company.

$200 if I’m by myself, otherwise $300 if I have my help with me.

I don’t do quotes in person unless there over $500

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

why not $300 when your by yourself, are not not a good worker and deserve the extra money for doing the work of two men?

Most of my 200 dollar jobs I can do in 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. 300 are normally 3000 sq ft which normally I do three a day when we are busy so I can justify help for 300 dollar homes for me. I can just get more done that way for me and be more profitable. By myself the 300 dollar homes take 3 plus hours most of the time.

I can do the work of two men, it just takes me twice as long. Pay my help $10 a hour and I come out way to the good by the end of the day. $80 to $100 bucks for three house washes for the day in labor.

So 2 jobs by myself a day would pay $600 if I did what your saying, or with help I get three a day and make $900 minus $100 in labor. So basically $800. I make $200 more a day with help.

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

What do you justify and to whom?

how big is your $300 home that it takes you 3+ hours?

I make $100 per hour, 3000 square ft home. 3 hours.

To justify if it’s worth it to work by myself or with my help, I make the decisions, and make a good salary every year. I do what’s best for me and my family.

Competitions tight in my area, I charge more than most.

I make more with my help than by myself, I’ve ran the numbers, different strokes for different folks, you do what works best for you. Thanks for your input though.

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

Just trying to help

If your happy with only $100/hr than good for you

I know you are bud, and I do appreciate your input, if I could make more in my area I would love 2, but I have to get work to pay the bills, I’ve tried higher prices, but my Competetion charges what I do so I get undercut, a lot of houses are 1500 sq ft and I just can get 300 here to do that. So you can get $300 for a 1500 sq ft house that awesome.

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

I think you also have to take into consideration what the market can bear. But customers also need to understand as professionals we offer a better quality product then what they are seeing being offered by theses lowballers out there that do not have as much invested in their business as we do.