Milwaukee M12 heated jacket

Anybody here have one of them heated jackets?

Thinking about putting it in my Christmas list to have for hunting… i hate having to wear heavy jackets in the tree stand.

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My cousin owns one, He likes it alot. That’s all I know

I’ll be honest the biggest appeal to me is that the jacket has options to heat up the pockets. My feet and hands stay cold and that would be pretty nice to have warm pockets without having to deal with the little hot hand packets

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I didn’t know Hobby Lobby sold jackets @Donut.

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@Hotshot working it



I love mine I have both the original black and camo for hunting plus the new battery packs 3.0 last a long time

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The pocket warmer work well?

Yes like I said I have two I love them a buddy at my house got the craftsman version because it was cheaper and it sucks

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I went to home Depot today to get one and they were sold out

Tool barn normally has them cheaper than home depot

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I saw them last week, thats what sparked my interest. Looks like a great product for an Off Grid product review.

Hope your doing well as can be and hanging in there.


How does washing them work? That is one thing i havent read anything about

Jamie takes mine to the dry cleaner


@Hotshot are lol me

Nope,nope. I’m just learning over here about the tough rugged hunting bug out prepper jacket that needs dry cleaned. Don’t mind me y’all.


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How quiet is material on the camo jacket?

Hahaha I think its machine washable but you dont argue with the lady who takes care of you. If she want to dry clean it I’m happy to let her.


Happy wife happy life my friend