Mid Atlantic Seminar Hosted by Southside Equipment

Hey Maryland Area Guys & Gals…Russ Johnson at Southside Equipment (Like You Don’t Know…Lol) is hosting the Mid Atlantic Seminar Event in Hunt Valley M.D. December 5th & 6th.

Looks like this year will focus on sales, along with pump repair, Seal & Lock Certification and much more.

The event there last year was very laid back and tons of info. I got to meet and spend time with several of my Yankee Brother’n…Lol!

If you don’t know Russ Johnson you may of heard about some of his products…Roof Snot, Lemon-Aid masking sent, Cherry Bomb Masking sent, Hydro-Tek …and much more.

The Event Is Free!!!

Contact Russ for more information…www.pressurewasherky.us/

I’m gonna try to make it. I need someone to split room with? or gas?

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

Just hope it doesn’t snow again…I barely beat it last year…Lol!

4:12 from my house according to Google Maps. Maybe.

You have to register at UAMCC. It’s a UAMCC and NCE (Ron Musgraves) event.

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Kinda funny you left that off.

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Didn’t want to cause any unnecessary drama Thad, that’s all. It’s Southside that’s footing the bill for this, just trying to help Russ out. That’s why I put his link in the post…I was trying to be respectful in this situation.

I was told that whoever is interested in this event can also give Russ a call to get entry tickets in. Does that mean you have to register as well I have no idea.

Is there going to be a Bethlehem event or something similar like this March?

Yes. We reserved the space again while we were there.

March 7,8 iirc.

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GuyB, thanks for the plug.

Thad, don’t be a dick.

how did this event go?

It was a good turn out. 2 days of learning, 3 nights of “conventioning”, and moved some merchandise in the process.

Lol at Russ.
Have a safe trip back to the real world. See you soon!

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