Mi-t-M kills Hydrotek

…or does it? Looking at a Mi-T-M 3500psi Honda 5 gpm belt drive 110V burner vs. Hydrotek 3500 psi 5 gpm Vangaurd, belt drive, 12v burner. I know the 110v burner is usually a better option. But all other capacities being the same, watcha think? But for guys who have had either, or have had both, your preference? Thanks

I’d go with the Hydrotek. Because Russ Johnson is not a Mi-T-M dealer. :slight_smile:

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I have a mitm and love it. The 110v generator has some real benefits. Mine is an 8gpm machine though. I would prefer a honda over a vanguard for sure.

Honda and generator are plusses for sure.

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I had a cold water Mi-T-m for over 10yrs and that very same hydrotek hot water PW. Both are solid PW’s except… I would recommend staying away from 12v burners on any hot water skid. Of the 8 burners I owned the only problem I had was from the one 12v burner I had.

Also just having a generator on the PW is always a plus for lights, hand tools etc. Today I have 3 110v burners and besides the typical maintenance we haven’t had any problems.

i love my mi-t-m

Both are great units, my nod goes to the Mi-T-M…#1 reason is it’s running a Honda motor, WWWAAAYYY better motor…#2 reason we run 2 Mi-T-M hot water skids and have no complaints…Just Saying.

Hydro Tek
Honda Engine
General Pump
120 volt burner
3,000 watt generator

Both Hydro Tek, and MiTM build quality machines, to compare apples and apples you need to compare the SC series Hydro Tek against a generator model MiTM. From our experience the Vanguard engine is superior to the Honda engine, with a better price point. :slight_smile: We are a distributor for both brands so we are familiar with both models…:slight_smile: http://www.hydrotek.us/teksheet/SC-Series-Pressure-Washer/SC35006VG.pdf I prefer the Vanguard version.

I’ve got the vanguard and 12v burner. In a pressure pro. Clocking 100hrs + and Thad baby still starts on the first turn.

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I had a 5gpm Hydrotek. One of the things with Hydrotek that I like is that you can do almost any repairs yourself with ease. Now I don’t have that machine anymore but we have several 8gpm Hydroteks and I love them. I have hundreds and some of the machine are into the thousands and still going. Of course we have Kohler engines. So maybe that’s a difference too…

The Hotwater Skid that I just got rid of was a Mi-T-M. Loved it. Really never any problems out of it. I did by it preowned but kept it for about 3 years and ran it almost everyday. I know have a alkota. Just put 11 hrs on it :wink: