Mi-T-M 3.5/4

Hey guys, hopefully an easy question for someone. I won this pressure washer in a customer appreciation raffle, literally free. I have done maybe 3-4 house washes with it and it’s been nice. Is this something that you can upgrade the pump on to like a 4gpm+ or would you buy a new unit. Currently 3.5gpm max sort of a strange size. It works and makes money…. But what would you do?

I’d put a 7gpm pump on it and wash houses

Literally just a gp 7gpm pump upgrade? Swap it over

Yep, 7gpm pump and sheave

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You’ll need a supply tank to go above 4gpm. If you are just starting out the 3.5 gpm will work.


Awesome thank you for the info. Good to know I can boost it up down the road. Yeah it’s made some money for me and works pretty well for add on services