Metasilicate or precarbonate?

What would be best to use on this wood sodium metasilicate or sodium precarbonate? Or something else?

Doesn’t look like a lot of organics. You can use either and the results will be good either way

Metasilicate is the absolute best. But it’s pricy. Need to charge for that. Use percarbonate for general cleaning and use metasilicate for actual restoration.

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Where do you get Sodium Metasicilate?
I found the powder but I can’t seem to find the mixing ratio for powder. Only can find liquid mixing ratio 16oz to a gal. Thanks Rick

Deck restoration plus sells it in two different products. They have restore and also stripper. Give them a call and they will be able to help you choose the right product.

Yeah, I wrote them then did some more research. I found some raw sodium metasicilate online. Might try to do a mixture myself. I found the ratio. I appreciate it

That’s actually what is in Gold assassin. Says on their website for wood cleaning also