Metal roofing

Alot of houses in my area are switching to metal roofing. Should I have some concerns when doing a house wash about the SH sitting on the hot rooof and drying or is it no problem? I know to not let it dry would be the logical answer, but how to accomplish that and not rinse of the SH sitting on the siding for proper dwell is my issue.

Your are correct in being concerned about it becoming an issue as more and more of these metal roofs appear. It is doubtful that a bit of over spray at diluted house strength mix would be very noticeable. But what is going to happen when we get enough up on the roof to leave a clean area? Then, the customer might want the whole roof cleaned and that would not be good.

I would not worry as much about a bit of it drying as much as I would be concerned with it getting rinsed and making a shiny spot. So to it should not be an issue unless you’re working on a house with a really dirty roof and you get a lot of soap on the roof.