Metal Roof Restoration or Cleaning

Hey there! First post on the site. I am CONSTANTLY on here, but I’m so tired of scouring trying to find the exact answer I’m looking for. So, here’s the situation and questions accordingly.

I have a customer that asked me to clean just the back portion of the metal roof on their house. Using my 12V, I can apply some SH (5%) or Percarb (Probably just SH and rinse rinse rinse), to get the black off. I offered a restoration service as well in the event that they need it which includes scrubbing and possibly some “on the roof” work since it’s a 6/12 and I’ll be using Cougar Paws and a Ridge Pro. I offered a wash for just the dirty portion, and a restoration for the entire roof. Customer wants a quote for both. It’s a 2500 sq ft roof. I haven’t seen anything but a roof breakdown and a drone shot of everything (I work with roofing contractors a good bit). If it doesn’t need a restoration and they choose that, I’ll let them know it doesn’t need it and just do the cleaning. Question. Pricing. What the heck should I charge for a restoration vs cleaning? I was thinking the cleaning would be around $0.50 sq ft and for restoration around $1.00? Also, I’m in Georgia (serving from South Atlanta up to NW Ga.) Anywho, if someone could chime in on the pricing.

Second. For the restoration, oxidation needs to be removed. From what I can tell, softwashsystems has a really good product, but I have used F-13 before and I’m familiar with it. Would it be correct to wash with SH first, then use F-13, then finish with Final Wash? I have used F-13 with some surfactant and scrubbing to to remove hard set mildew from gutters before, so maybe it would be just 13/ soap mix to get the roof cleaned then final wash to make it pop. Again, the hard work isn’t the problem at this point… it’s the price. What in the world should I charge since I haven’t ever done a full restore like this. Thank you all for all your input and I look forward to hearing what y’all say!

How much does it cost you to operate per hour? + How much do you need to earn per hour? = hourly rate × hours expected to complete the job + The cost of materials used for this job? = Invoice amount

Right. That’s typically my format for charging, but I’m shooting in the dark for a resto because I have no idea how long thattl take and what chemicals and methods will be quick and affective.

Gutter butter, plan on brushing after applying, not hard, just light brushing. $1/ft you’d be golden if you can get that.


Awesome info. Thank you @Racer . I’ll post pics, before and after, along with methods, mixtures, and techniques if I end up getting it. I’ll put the bid in, but based on the roof… if it doesn’t need to be restored, I’ll just wash with SH and call it a day.

Also, I wanted to say @Racer, your video on Trex decking came in handy the other day. I had a Trex deck (done many before, but wanted to brush up), and really had some great info. I Xjeted (8gpm gray proportioner) 12.5% after spraying the deck first. There was no color change and it killed all the mildew on the deck. Customer was very happy.

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So, the customer denied getting the resto done because they are spending the money this year on getting new fasteners and grommets put in.

They approved the roof wash, but I was asked a weird question… “What is the warranty on the wash?” I said that there isn’t a warranty as I am not selling a product, it’s a guaranteed service and I guarantee that the black streaks will be off of your roof prior to me leaving. It’s like cleaning a car. The cleaning will only last however long depending on use and location. Same with the roof. A cleaning depends on pollen for the season, dirt roads around you, tree cover, etc. She said okay and wants to move forward. She wasn’t irritated or anything.

Does anyone write on their contracts or bids that they guarantee or warrant that the roof won’t get streaks in 60 or 180 or whatever days? This is a metal roof with a tree over it.

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Wait what? They are replacing the fasteners and grommets? THe average homeowner doesn’t do that unless it is leaking.

I’d be a little worried washing that if they are replacing due to leaks. Do you have the not responsible for exsisting damage bit?


Yeah they’re fixing a boot and the homeowner has had the roof for 20 or so years. My buddy noticed the neoprene washers from 20 years ago are cracking so he said it’s about time for new ones. She agreed and is moving forward with the replacements of fasteners. Good advice. No. Great advice. “Not responsible for damages or new leaks.”

So just using the thread name. Removed some paint residue off this siding but this is the first time I’ve been on a roof since I’ve gotten the roof setup.

Not sure what the pitch is but it felt steep! I was crab walking lol… Definitely dangerous when wet to walk it… check out the steeper part of the photo

But anyways I also got a lead for a drive and roof wash. She said it was a stone coated metal roof… looked it up on here and someone said to run!! And once I got here to take a look, makes since! Doesn’t even seem “coated”. It Seems like the roofers wrapped the metal roof in sandpaper and nailed it down! Heck no am I walking this. Ladder from the gutter line is out the question. Too many angles