Metal roof expert needed

Hey professionals,
I’m in need of a roof cleaning expert who has dealt with metal roofs. I have a customer who is not happy with the result of the roof cleaning we did a week ago. The roof is about 10 years old and has tons of vegetation under it so I used 8oz per gallon of Sodium percarbonate on it. It had little or no effect. Half of the roof we cleaned with just a soft vinyl siding brush and water and had the same effect. The roof was oxidizing before the job and the customer is saying we are the issue. The metal roof company is coming out next. :

Thank you in advance for your help!! Phone time would be a plus!



Metal roofs are the next aluminum siding (how did that turn out?) Or after that, vinyl siding. Remember the saying, “Vinyl is final”. It isn’t.

Trex. Remember when composite decking came on the scene and was the answer to prayers? It’s not.

People see a fifty year guarantee on a metal roof and think that it will end all of their roofing issues forever. It won’t.

You don’t just clean metal roof and go on about your business. The sun begins to kill the finish the day that it is installed.

The finish is not near the quality of an automotive finish and there is no soap and water concoction that you can squirt at an old car that has never been washed and expect magic.

Sure, you can clean up some neglected metal under trees. Unless it has pine sap, then it is going to be near impossible.

Hopefully someone who has been successful in restoring metal roofs will come along and will provide the info that you need.

The best I have to offer is a heads up to those that come after you who may be looking to clean metal roofs.

Sorry to be a buzz kill. I really hope someone comes along and proves me wrong in this case.

Haven’t met any pro metal roof cleaners we all just do them here and there for the most part but… You jacked up when you got that brush out. Unless your an artist your not going to make it look good or uniform once you start removing oxidation. Should’ve cleaned it just like
Shingle and reduced your SH %. No fixing it now you live and you learn my friend.

Tons of debris caught on roof and a huge amount of vegetation below to be killed by the bleach mix. We didn’t realize it was oxidizing until well into the job. The roof seemed to clean up but not look much different. They just need to refinish it now that it has been cleaned. :slight_smile:

Did the roof not come clean? What color is it? Did you tell the costumer you would clean it or restore it?

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Yes the roof did come clean as the customer requested! the color is a greenish brown

hey I just wanted to follow up with this and see what the outcome was, what did the roofing company say? and have you found a good way to clean metal roofs? I’ve been getting a lot of inquires about them but Haven’t jumped on any of them in fear of damaging the roof in some way.


did you ever get a response back to this?