Metal help

Can someone give me any input on this metal. I’ve tikried hw mix, degreaser through injector and hot mix with pump sprayer. Im still left with a film.

You already posted this, why are you posting it again?

Never got any feedback on this particular issue. Just seeing if anyone has had a similar issue or knows a good chem.

is it oxidation? The paint looks uneven. If you wipe your hand across it does it transfer a haze to your hand?

It’s more like a dark film like black. It’s a Fab shop I was thinking maybe some of the welding smoke and possibly overspray from the paint yard. It’s not chalky like oxidation. Seems like elbow grease is the only thing that removes it.

What are customer’s expectations? They just want cleaned or looking like new?

Cleaned. I just didn’t care for my results in the area I test washed.

You’re probably not going to be able to shoot anything through an injector that will clean it. Need to use 12v or xjet. What degreaser did you put on it?

Super clean. I tried it almost straight and with straight sh. Didn’t really do much on the bottom half. Only some pressure took care of the build up.

Yep, going to have to break out the brush. Could try spraying some gutter butter on it, but still will need to brush probably or some pressure.

This helps I’ll quote accordingly if I get too. I may just take an hour rate charge for my chems and get a good learning experience. It’s my place of employment. Nothing pays like experience.