Metal awnings

Yikes, customer called about a housewash and mentioned a “few awnings” but here’s what I ran into.

That’s not a shadow, it’s fallout. I don’t know if I can use degreaser on old painted aluminum. The lichens and algae are bad enough.

House mix and some pressure will clean it up. Not sure what else your looking to do…

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I’m mainly concerned about the heavy fallout on the sides, they’re really old and not trying to remove what paint it has left.

Here’s a better look. Some of the front ones have it on top where the soffit hangs over.

I’ve dealt with fallout on vinyl, but not on aluminum yet.

Just set expectations…

House mix, a little pressure…done

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Sell it as a prep to paint.

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It’s a lady’s rental property, she probably doesn’t care too much about the fallout. Hopefully.

Are you sure it’s actually fallout? If that’s on a porch where tenants have been smoking cigarettes for the last thirty years it could be nicotine stains. Obviously, this would alter your approach.

It’s on all nine of the awnings. The older houses here have really bad fallout for some reason.

Just go for it.

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You can definitely remove the paint on old aluminum if scrubbing with a degreaser like you do on fallout on vinyl. I’d listen to KMP. Could always test the fallout up close and personal using a mild degreaser. Although, if she doesn’t care about it I’d roll with that.