Friend of mine sent this to me. Figured I’d pass it along. Message me if interested.

Lotto Pool.

Photos of tickets emailed before drawing.
All will be quick pick/random selections.
If multiple winning tickets, then total prize treated as the sum of all winnings.

If prizes total $500 or more: split proportionally among participants.
If prizes total less than $500: prize will be donated to Wounded Warriors

Proportional Split Rules:**
Each $2 counts as 1 entry and prizes split as a percentage.
Example: the pool collects $1000, that’s 500 entries ($1000/2)
Total winnings: $100,000
Final Value per entry: $100,000 / 500 entries = $200

Player A: Contributed $10 = 5 entries
Player B: Contributed $50 = 25 entries

Player A receives 5 x $200 = $1000
Player B receives 25 x $200 = $5000

All winnings taken as lump sum
Entry value based on post-tax winnings

I mean, we’re not gonna win. Someone will, but odds are it’s not one of us.
But I like the pool system. It lessens exposure and increases possible return. In theory.


Lotteries make no sense on a rational basis. I still buy $10 or so when they get astronomical for entertainment purposes. :grinning: