Measure twice....Cut once

Prime example of always check twice. Especially in this industry.

Installed a new injector and the quick connect wasn’t completely secured.

When I started the machine the pressure blew the hose off and whipped my arm like Indian Jones…


Had that happen to me with the pressure line going into swivel on the surface Cleaner. popped me in the head. ouch

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Yeah thats no joke.

The injector was connected to the end that whipped me.

Pressure is nothing to mess around with.


That smacked you good.Ouch. You’re going to feel that one for more than a few days. If it was going to hit you I’m glad it got you in the forearm and not the elbow, mouth, or even eye.

It’s good to share things like that. It’s bound to happen but, the more we hear about it, the less relaxed we’ll be when it comes to double checking. As the season grinds on it’s easy to overlook things. Good reminder to take a step back and not get in too big of a hurry. (yeah right, huh)

Hopefully it heals fast. Thanks for sharing.


Yes sir.

Been doing this for many years.

Experience comes with all angles…

Yeah it was 100 percent my fault. I got in a hurry and didn’t double check it. glad it’s not any worse for you. sometimes we forget how dangerous our equipment can be if we get to complacent


Had that happen to me alot learning how to shoot a bow. @Kps0410 ive came close to that happening once and it was right by my face. Luckily i seen it when i went to turn my ballvalve on. I remember i pic of you with a gash was that from the ballvalve?

No that’s when I forgot about having just put a ladder rack on my truck and leaned over in the back to get a water from the cooler and woke up on the floor. lol.

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Yeap i seem to do that one alot.

Ouch @KMP! Last week I was washing a house and let off the trigger with my right hand while holding the whip line at the crimp where it meets the gun in my left hand. Bad habit holding it that way. The hose immediately blew at the crimp and gave me a nice contusion on my palm. 2 wire 6000 psi whip line felt like I caught a 90 mph fastball barehanded.

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