May have killed a tree

I washed my sister’s house and everything came out great, with one exception. A few days after I washed, they noticed the blue atlas cedar tree (image below) was half brown (half on top and all the branches closes to the house are brown as well). I don’t know if it’s dead/dying or if it will recover. Time will tell.

I pre-soaked all the trees and bushes and rinsed like crazy, so I was very surprised this happened, but evidently this is a sensitive tree. Hoping it will recover, but if not, I’ll buy them a replacement (around $100 at Home Depot).

Just sharing in case anyone has any experience with this type of tree or any other trees/shrubs that you have to be very careful with, or avoid entirely.

I will certainly keep an eye out for this particular type of tree in the future and be extremely careful or maybe even refuse to wash near them.

This doesn’t answer your question but tell her you did her a favor and if it doesn’t completely die you’ll swing back by to hose straight 12.5% on it. That thing is way too close to the house They get big.


Couple good rains, couple weeks, cut it back some, good to go :+1:

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Seriously did them a favor if you did kill it. From the looks of it tho, it’s good.

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Agreed. It may have been you. I know it’s not your problem that it’s so close to the house but even if it doesn’t die they need to cut it down a plant another it further away than 12 inches

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13" is good?


Yep. Perfect.

Reminds me of a lady’s house i did that had a slab floor. Had a oak tree 3 feet from her bedroom. A root grew under her house all the way to the kitchen and cracked the slab floor the whole way even her hallway wall. Shes selling the whole house and moving to a condo as her retirement.

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Some one must of thought it was gonna stay small forever!

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Cut that stupid tree down… It makes great kindling, then take the saw dust and a bunch of cinnamon sticks and put it in a kettle with a bow around it for a present for your sister, fill with 3/4 water, put it on top of her wood stove, gas cooking stove or a electric City kitty stove.
Your a HERO, Ya saved her house outside, and made the inside smell awesome. @nopressure

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