Maverick Soft Wash System Extension Wand

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Does anyone use a Maverick Soft Wash System and if so has anyone built an extension wand for it. I want to make a 8ft wand just to make those high 2-1/2 story homes a little easier to reach the top from the ground. Not usually and issue except for on a windy day. Any ideas would be a great help.


I never really understood washing houses with roof pumps. I’ve never tried it myself, but from everything I’ve read, using a power washer in combination with a downstream injector (or xjet, if you prefer) and low pressure tips is the fastest, easiest, bestest way to wash siding.

I can reach 3+ stories with my 5.6@2500 machine using a shooter nozzle and a 6" lance (that’s right, inches, not feet). I would never want to deal with an extension wand or “wet noodle”.

@Infinity- we have lots of “noodles” running around here with
yellow “noodles”. I am glad these “noodles” did no research here or
on PT state. All the best Alex.

Haha, that’s funny. My area is kind of similar. I don’t think many of the local companies believe in doing research.

Btw, I’ve seen you on youtube (I think). I’d love to know what’s in your secret concoction… :smile:

@Infinity, are you talking the “Bill’s Window Cleaning &Pressure Washing”
902-471-8008. ??

Sorry, I got you confused with Bruce Sullivan/Sullivan roof cleaning. He does siding with a softwash/roof pump system, as well.

I do both downstream and use the Maverick Soft Wash. To be honest I feel for me the soft wash machines is more efficient and much easier to use. Each to their own. I do some town house complexes that are fairly tall and with a slightly longer extension I can reach better and have more product hitting the wall rather than blowing away. :slight_smile:

Thanks so far for the sarcastic replies.

Sorry, didn’t mean to come off as sarcastic. But rereading my posts, I can see how it sounded that way.

If a softwash system is more efficient for you, then keep doing what you’re doing. As far as finding an extension wand that works, I really have no idea. Maybe it’s something you’ll have to homebrew/improvise?

I know @EcoClean at one time had adapted a water fed pole for his roof cleaning system. He might be worth reaching out to.

I use both my pump with the X-jet and the Soft wash pump. I have been using the Gen 2 along side the X-Jet and they both work great together…

Could you provide pictures please.

Pics of the X-Jet or the Soft Wash pump?

The XJet is hooked up to the Honda gas motor and there is an independent soft wash pump. It’s a regular setup and nothing fancy.

I just purchased the Gen 3 the other day. it should give better output than the 2.

Just ordered the maverick system myself! I also just got a new backpack battery sprayer that came with a 11’ adjustable telescoping wand. It’s pretty cool and i can spray almost 30’ with that little sprayer. Here’s the link:

Did you ever find a solution? This one works in a pinch but not heavy duty…

Edit: spoke with Cody at and he said not to use a telescoping or real long wand for 12v as it will put too much pressure on the pump and ruin the head. Or if using an accumulator may blow the bag up.

Never put chemicals on a backpack sprayer…ask me how I know!:laughing: it will eventually leak!


Don’t use that


@Innocentbystander I’m coming around. Before I met you all I didn’t have anyone to talk to except for product suppliers I found like Envirospec and Softeash Systems. I had purchased a used hot pressure washer trailer in 2016 and back then it was just a back burner business as I was more than full time with my (still operating) electrical sign company. I never did any research as I knew how to operate a pressure washer (how hard could it be right?) but then last winter after telling myself 2 years in a row that this coming year will be the year I do something with it, I finally really did. Got my website up, fixed up the machine and thought I was ready to roll. Started advertising with little flyers and spreading word of mouth. Got some little jobs here and there and really started messing stuff up lol. Pressure washed this guys house and blew a 24” by 8” wide piece of paint off of his shoddy painted trellis, among other stupid little stuff like that. Started looking into soap and saw stuff about soft washing (had no clue what it was). Initially scoffed at it because I thought, I have hot water I don’t need that. Well then I started really thinking about it decided I should see what it was all about. I called some of the companies to buy some of the equipment that I needed such as the downstream injector, nozzles, surfactant etc. espec said I could use their little 12v pump to force feed the injector and I thought wow this is great! No one seemed to know about it (prior to my knowledge of pwra) and thought, I’m really on to something here! It works, kinda, but now after all of your help and my research here I finally got the Epiphany of why you all use a 12v pump! So here it is after my first real season (started softwashing in may and fell in love, average 2-3 jobs a week) and finally spent the money to do it right! Now I’ll have the 8gpm hot hydrotek skid and a 7gpm 12v setup with 200’ of ag hose. All I have left for the new setup is a proportioner! Gotta do a few more jobs first to get the money for that but the idea of me applying and my tech rinsing with two different hoses is exciting. Can’t wait to turn it up to 4% on a nasty stucco surface and just apply once (generally). No more of this 3x application of force fed ds crap. So, thank you all for showing me the light! It is much appreciated.