Masonry weepholes

I posted this on another older thread but i’ll try here.
If i use nmd-80 to remove mortar splatter off this home, but there are big weep holes everywhere to let the wall breathe and stay dry. Is it safe to just wash as usual or are there precautions to take? And can anyone identify the material of the wood-looking siding? Is nmd-80 likely to be safe on it? I plan on rinsing that material as soon as nmd-80 gets on it but water coming down will dilute the nmd working on the masonry below…

Thanks a lot for any advice.
@Racer i think you do a lot of this?

Wood is probably a composite, if it’s real it’s probably teak

Think I answered you on your original post - is it real wood or a laminate type? I would call Eaco chem and send them pics. They’re good about helping. Watch their videos on all their products.


Very good service indeed. Eaco chem answered my questions over the phone. Earlier i found what the wood-looking material is: New Tech Wood.


Figured as much

What did they say about cleaning around the Tech Wood? I would think you’d need to tape off with plastic sheeting or something to protect. Though it did say you could use vinegar to clean calcium deposits, so it can take some acid exposure, but the nmd80 a lot stronger than a 50-50 water /vinegar mix.

From what i understood for the New Tech Wood it’s not an issue as long as you prewet and don’t let it dry on there.

Now the only thing i have to figure out clearly is if it’s worth taping over all those weep holes or if it doesn’t matter if water and soap get through as it’ll all dry out. I hope the latter is true because there would be a LOT of taping if i have to tape everything.

Also i switched to SOS 50 instead of nmd80 as per advice from the masonry block salesman (Permacon), who said nmd80 may affect the color on black or dark surfaces. But the Eacochem guy on the phone then said that’s not possible and that it’s safe on all colors. Oh well i’ve got the SOS 50 now so i’ll give it a try, the job is scheduled for tomorrow.

Rinse, rinse, and rinse some more… they are weep holes… if they have clear water coming out of them then you should be fine.

The ones i mean aren’t just on the bottom, they’re up high as well. Does any water end up exiting through the bottom ones with no adverse effect to the material behind the block wall?

I’m not sure I’m following… weep holes are purposely built to make sure water drains away from the building surfaces… regardless if it’s on the top of bottom, if you rinse enough to remove all the chems you will be left with clean water and no staining.

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Don’t worry about them

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So i got rid of the mortar smudges using nmd 80. There’s still lots of efflorescence though. I tried NMD 80, SOS 50, F9 Efflo. Multiple applications. Using F9 Efflo i tried scrubbing a smal section with a brush but the black color on the brick came down running when rinsing so that’s a no go. What could i be doing wrong? And would EBC restorer maybe work?
Here’s a sample of the before and after so far:

I can’t get an ec jet soon enough here so i tried applying with an x-jet, and pump-up sprayer following dilution ratios of each chem. I rinsed off using low pressure (m5 nozzle) to avoid some risk (the brick manufacturer says not to use high pressure) but i’m not getting most of the efflorescence off.

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Did you scrub it any?

Yes. Using F9 Efflo i tried scrubbing a small section with a brush but the black color on the brick came down running when rinsing.

you could try one restore.

It doesn’t look bad. You could just leave it alone. A lot of times it’ll take care of itself

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Turns out i had to use a little bit more (medium high) pressure and it cleaned up pretty good. I’m glad because this job got me customers of more efflorescence jobs on the street. I’m finding there’s a demand for this… i’ll go quote another one tomorrow. Thanks guys.
Wish i had an “after” pic but this brick takes forever to dry.

Speaking of next brick job, anyone knows what those purple bumps are? Like which mineral?